First trimester!

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Salam & happy weekend ya'll!.

Its nice to be home during weekends, well, not for long. im on midnight shift this week. >.<

Anyways , tajuk kemain lagi. Macam masuk semester for studies. =D

Just here to share a little news with those who reads my little bloggie.

*drum rollllllssss....!!


Lab report. it indicates that im pregnant. OMG right???

Here's another best part of the pregnancy if you have not noticed in the report.

Im carrying not 1 but 2,TWO!

 Ending my 1st trimester soon. So far im doing fine. no morning sickness whatsoever. Alhamdullilah on that. Hopefully it stays that way for the next 8 months.,

Expected due early Aug, but is there any possibilities if they would wanna see the world earlier that schedule? in short, i wont have any raya this year. kene prepare kot-kot tetiba ada yang meragam nak sambut raya sekali...hehehe..

Not forgetting, too all my friends that will be taking turns to be in labour room as well. good luck to us new mommies to be!


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Syukur Alhamdullilah!
Its 2015 already. Phewww!

2014 has been great & it sure did go well.

Some of the important highlights are :

1. I got confirmed! I'm now a permenant staff for E2 Power Sdn Bhd.

2. I was proposed. He popped the question & i said yes.

3. There was no enggagement what so ceremony. Straight to nikah & sanding.

4. I got promoted. No longer a newbie. Naik sikit ranking. Alhamdullilah! Senior says it takes 2 years to go up. =D

Ohoii..i guess that sums up my 2014!

I have an important post coming up. Stay tune!


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