Semester break!

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Salam & happy day to all of u!

Its been almost 3 weeks since my last post. Semester break,i have been lazying around the couch catching up all the movies and drama's i have missed while im a way from home.Heaven kau! Bangun pagi,tak gosok gigi tak mandi dah terus terconggok depan tv..Teruk betul perangai kan. Please don't make me ur role model! 

Like all the other semester breaks,i would say this has to be the most i enjoyed being at home. Kebetulan my bestie,Ekin, is on her semester break too.So,senang sikit nak merayap sana sini. We both kindda use both our names to our parents to hang out. Hehehe.

The first week was pretty lame. I stayed at home. Jadi supir Aiman. Send him off to school,get him whatever he needs. Go to Giant,to get groceries. Makan,tido,makan,tido. Yeahhh! That was all i did.Masuk second week,Ekin was available to go out. Bosan punya pasal,we decided to hang around Melaka town. Yeahh,u heard me.Merayap sampai Melaka ok! That was pretty much my first time going far away from home just for a mini vacation.

Ekin studied in UITM Lendu,Melaka for her Diploma few years back. So she's pretty familiar with the road. As for me,even thought Melaka is a part of my home town,tapi satu jalan hape pun tak tau. Let alone going to places to hang out. Usually,whenever i go to Melaka its for Chinese New Year. Masuk kereta,terus dozed off. Bukak mata,there u go. Sampai dah rumah grandma. Stay 2-3 nights,than back to KL. Takde nak jenjalan or what so ever.

I have pictures to upload,but my bluetooth device is being cranky at the moment. Phone cable pulak lupa bawak. Will update this post again with pictures ayyy! Pwoomiseee..>.<

Second week also had a public holiday for the entire Malaysia. And good thing was,Cik abg dapat cuti! So he decided to come visit me. Rindu weyhh rindu! I woudn't let him drive all the way here alone,so he brought Jo's family along. Seronok!

Jo's family seldom comes to KL,so i brought them to a few place they have wanted to see. Zoo Negara,Klcc and Times Square. Masuk zoo,kene bayar RM30! Pergghhh,tengok binatang je pun kan. Its expensive if u asked me. But once in a while,takpe laa. Its been sometime since i last went to Zoo Negara. I did have fun & got jakun when i see certain animals. Keluar automatically macam2 bunyi to imitate the animals i see. Mengalahkan orang kampung masuk bandar. Hahahhaa!

Got pictures for this too. Will upload them again later. Penat laaa nak upload sesatu. Will collage them all at one to make things ez ok!The next day,Cik abg & jo's family headed back home. Sad!!!!=(

And on the next day,i was needed in Ekin's hse to help out a bit for her niece's Majlis Cukur Jambul.. Its a tradition thing which i have to say,i am a jakun also. First time ok tengok anak orang cukur jambul,let alone hearing the Marhabban group sang and said some prayers for the new born baby.

After the Marbahhan group was done with their session,its was the 'orang-orang masjid' turn to read the yassin verse in the hall.Again,there's pictures but i upload them later. Banyak weyhh nak upload satu2 kalau tak collage kan!

Sooooo,here i am. In my 3rd week of semester break. Waiting for dear results to appear on my screen anytime soon. With what i have studied,i hope & pray & want & need to get at least 3.2. Tinggi? Not so i say. Don't want to put my target to high. I might get over frustrated if i don't get what i aimed.

That's it for now. Till next time. Bye!

p/s : Waiting for friday!


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Salam dearies!
Quick post eyyy. Its the final examination week. Good luck everyone. All the best!
This is gonna be my second last semester before i head of for practical & graduation day. Insya'Allah!

My study  mojo's here. Bye!


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