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First and foremost,

Its been some time since I last made an entry about OUR monthly-anniversary. Jangankan monthly-anniversary, OUR a year anniversary pun I didnt post anything. So here's something I hope could cover up my outdated entry. Sorry again.

Wordless Wednesday

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 p/s :  Hari Rabu hari sayur. <~ Metaphor much.

Cute not Cute

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100 points to loose weight

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Kindda found sumting while browsing my FB. Posted by a friend of mine.

Haaa. Simple aite. Tapi benda simple gini lah yang susah nak ikowt. Kan? Kan? So how?

Adha & Me-day

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Happy Monday peeps.

Its a holiday today everywhere-mostly I believe. Cuticuti pun ader yang menghidapi monday blues ke? HAHAH.

Owh, Salam Aidiladha to all Muslim out there too. Semua balik kampung ke? Bagus lah. Be safe on the road & take care. Ingatlah orang yang tersayang. Heee. *iklan tak berbayar*
Aku tak balik pun. Cuti sehari,agak tak berbaloi to go up & down Kuala Pilah road. Plus I could use the cash for better purpose *makan* . Cuticuti, mentakdarah je keje aku. >.<

Currently Im at my "in-laws". Ader kenduri tonight, so Im here to help out a little. Spend my Adha here too. Raya kampung style seyhh. Ader masak-masak skit, haaaa, tu baru raya name nyerr. Heee.

p/s : Tak tahu pulak Raya Adha pun budakbudak datang umah kutip duet raya.=)

Girl boy thing

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Girl power

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p/s ; Coleslaw in the making. Menjadi or not, perlu tunggu after 24hours. Cant wait.

Double dose

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Hey ya'll. Wssup !

Owhh, Im here in the middle of week 7 baru nak update pasal week 6. Cerita pun dah basi. It was my so-called 'midterm' due to burfday Sultan Pahang & Diwali celebration. So balik KL memang I would seldom b online. Y? Cos ill be stuck for hours in front the TV. Dari celik mata, sampailah kepala mintak bantal. Hahhh.

Holidays was rather okay than boring I would say. It did past by fast though. The last few days Cik Abg did spend his weekend in KL. With the few days down there pun boley overspend. Hahah. Nampak sangat cash outflow in KL is very very high.

Its true. Indeed.

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