Kursus Pra-Perkhawinan Siri 6/2012

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How ya'll been doing? Just as i promised. Im gonna write up a little something i did on my previous weekend. Yeahh,its been 2 weeks now. Baru sekarang nak carik masa menaip! Was busy with whatever i was doing *sleeping/eating/watching movies*. To be exact,i was also waiting for my sijil to be printed out. Okay,ini hanya alasan. =)

Last 2 weekends,15th December 2012, i attended 1 out of so many syarat to build a masjid. Yeayy,getting married is a heck of tidies work to do. After attending the 2 days course,makin banyak pula benda nak kene tau. Especially the isi borang part. This might sound lame,but i just knew that nak kawen pun kene submit borang a week a head of date nak nikah for approval from Jabatan Agama Islam. Not forgetting all the valid documents needed to submit. Ni tak payah citer kot,nanti korang gie kursus tu ustad2,kadi2 tu akan explain in detail. >.<

So,here's me in day 1. Yeayyy! Yellowissh.

This was the hall we had to sit in from 8am - 5pm. Seating was given according to name list. So agak2 kalau name tu A,dapat lah duk depan. Mau nama Z,no choice but to seat at the back. Yes,since its a part of majlis agama,they put the males in front while the females at the back. Motif,ermmmm,lelaki pembimbing wanita. Cewahhh! Ayat xley belahh. Buat its true. =)

This was the program tentatives. Paling suke part makan. Hhahaha. Sedap tau! Nasi lemak,nasik minyak,ayam masak lemak cili padi,sambal belacan,ikan masin,fruits...the list just goes on...*meleleh air liur teringt balik the food they served us*.Each slot was only 1 hour. I dont think it was enough since penceramah pun masing2 macam banyak idea n benda nak share but they gotta cramp everything according to schedule.

Haaa,ni pulak Miera. She was my peneman secara kebetulan. I tought i was gonna be alone thru out the course,sebab most of my friend dah amik last semester.Cik roomie pun dh amik,2 kali pulak tu. Hahhaa. Oh,while im typing this entry. Rombongan meminang Cik Abg syg miera is in her home. Happy being booked babe! Tahun depan tunang, n the following year is nikah. Ahh,happy for u!

Here's me in day 2. Red + Peach. Im really bad at matching my tudung n my outfit. Main sbat tibai je. Asal tutup ape yang perlu. Hahahaha.

Day 2 went just as smooth as day 1. But the penutup was,erggghhh! Ade test ok. Im not sure if this is applicable to all states jabatan agama islam or what. Tapi jabatan agama islam pahang has a test before they end the course. 105 questions,consist of 11 parts. Haaa,nak jawab tu siap ade kertas OMR okayyyy! And the question paper tak boleh conteng,sebab kene pulangkan. Hurmmm,rasa mcm nak amik SPM pun ade.

Wallllaaaa! After 2 weeks,here's my sijil. Cik abg punya skali,he took the course with me. Both of us are now eligible to get married,despite so many more other paper work to fill. *sighhs* 

p/s ; Azam 2012 to attend kursus kawen has been acomplish. Azam 2013 to be engganged. Mampu ke terlaksana. >.<

Preview Prebiu

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Been wanting to post up something i did during my previous weekend. Oh,well. I have been busy with life. Will get back to dear blogger soon. Heee.

p/s : Nak pelamin?Erkkkk...

Message plus copy

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Heard of message plus copy before?Yes?No?Maybe?
Well,in short let me just say that Maxis has been offering this service to their maxis telco users for sometime. And yes,i am 1 of those thousands that subscribed to it.

What it does? Basically,it copies almost all Ur received msg to another registered number that we picked. Like wise, i registered my messages to be copied to Cik Abg. So whenever anyone text's me,he will get 1 to. Oh,he does the same thing too.I get basically most of his messages to.Just to be fair of course.

Sound scary kan.Having to subscribe to this, was suppose to help us develop a deeper trust and make the insecure feeling go away,at first. See,he happens to have this bunch of 'ladies' texting and calling him last time.I dont thing i need to explain who this bunch of ladies are. Yes,he is a trustworthy man so he doesn't entertain those bunch of text from them.

Me,on the other hand, is a student. So of course,there will be people from the opposite sex in my class. Assignment group and so on. Im sure u get what i mean too.And those who really know me,im not the kind of person who actually talks to other boys,unless needed too.I pretty much try avoid talking to them. Keeping my self low from anyone's radar most of them time. Hhaha.

But lately,i think im gonna unsubscribe myself from this service. I dont know. Is it me who's being over sensitive when being asked or what else. Yes,he gets all the text that any of u text me. So sometimes,he gets misunderstood with the context of text he received because he cant see who sent those text. Example i shall give to make u understand yeaa.

Eg 1 :

*texting with my classmates*
Me : Harini gie class x?Awal or lambat?
Friend : Babe,i fetch u later for class k.Will text later.

Him : Ma,ma nak gie class dengan siapa tu?

And whenever i get text like that from him. Ill get angry so fast,darah muda mungkin. I dont know. I mean,i dont mind him asking. But the way he's asking making me look like a person who's gonna cheat on him.Eventhough niat dia was just to ask out of curiosity.I get irritated. Hurmm.

Eg 2 :
*Received text from roomate*
Roomate : Sayangku,balik bila?

*Tak sempat reply*
Him : Siapa panggil ma sayang tu?Hmmm..

Situation like this does happen. All because of the message plus thingy. Im not saing it not a good service. But i think its making us quarrel for no reason at times. What annoys me most is both of us hati batu,keras kepala. Dua2 taknak move n say sorry or something to confront to make things better when situation get tight.

In a day or two. I shall unsubscribe myself to that service.I cant leave on a relationship that keeps quarrelling all the time because of text misundertsanding. I cant!

p/s ; getting busy toward the final semester exam is a norm.tak paham,tak pe.don't need to be sarcastic. 


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Kindda stealing some time out for this post.Gonna make a quick flash entry eyy!

Currently going crazy with my Final Year Project Paper proposal. Lets just say I don't really understand the concept n stuff of on what im doing.I keep changing my Project Paper topic when next Wednesday is where i should b all prepared to present and b questioned no matter what bomb shell i receive.

Journals coming from all sources making me even more confuse.

As u can see,i have 5 days left till my presentation day.It sounds far away,yet tolak makan minum tido,main2,curik2 masa online,class.*sighhsss*..i dont think i even have 48 hours to complete everything perfectly.

When things not going right,just the encouragement n spirit to help me cheer.

*read upwards*

Haihhh!Let's b positive. Kalau kene hentam Rabu ni,Insya'Allah that would be my motivation to do better in my real FYP next 2 semester. There's nothing impossible for me. Lets have faith on myself.

Gotta rush back into reality. Bye bloggie,hello journals!

Short-term VS Long-term

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2 years ago.

Him : Ma,bila kite nak kawen?
Me:*without thinking* Habis belajar,terus kawen! Hikk. =)
Him: Janji?
Me: Iyerr,start la kumpul duit.
Him: Ok!

2 years gone by.Proses pengajian hampir ke garisan penamat.

HimMa habes blaja bulan 9 taun depan kan.Ayah ma balik bulan 12,kite kawen k.
Me: Errm.Tunggu ma dapat kerja baru kawen boleh?
*dalam kepala pikir nak ada kereta + rumah + stable job*
Him:Dulu kata boleh terus kawen lepas habes blaja.Hmmm!
Me:*full of guilt*

How should i put words into right phrases.
Yes,looking at all my close friends getting engage and soon to be a wife is really a great n awesome feeling. I share n feel those happy moments. I would really love to feel them too. However,before all these takes place,i WANT to have my own stable life.

Not saying that he cant afford to take good care of me,tapi apa guna aku belajar macam orang gila*just metaphoring* but i can't get to have my own work. I want a job. I want to be able to have my own monthly salary. I dont wanna be too dependent on him.

I want to have my own house went im officially a wife. Not to be arrogant or selfish that i dont wanna stay with my in-law's. But,i too wanna have my privacy. I'm sure those who are reading would understand what im trying to say. Pergerakan,perlakuan n percakapan adalah terbatas if i was to stay with them. Yes,now i dont mind having my weekend with them but that is it.

A car. Arghh! Another asset that someone really needs nowadays. Students life sekarang pun,kadang2 terasa jugak nak mintak kereta sebijik from my parents. Tapi apakan daya. Not that they can't afford to get me 1,but it wouldn't be fair if they got me 1 but my other brother's dont get any. Students life pun dah rasa mcm ni,what else when i get out into reality world. Cant rely on public transportation nowadays. Not all palces can be reached with LRT could they.

Another dream i have been having.
Dah jadi wife,someday ill sure to be a mother. Cewaaah! Ok,ni part berangan je. Ill b a working mother. Not forever,but at least till my kids gets into school. The day 'they' start schooling,i will immediately resign. Will pay my full attention on them. So to prepare me with these situation,i must start working as soon as a i graduate.I need to save.Saving for the future.Amacam?Gila tak berangan aku. Hehh!

p/s : Semester coming to an end. 1 short semester + 1 long semester n im done.

Proposal FYP

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Event when smoothly as silk!

Done with seniors sympo. Its time to concentrate on my own FYP. Its in 2 weeks.

Pre- Bachelor of Finance Symposium

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Finally, here i am. Being in my senior year. Busy macam orang gila nyanyuk dah sekarang. Everyday ada task and each n every one of them are overlapping. Gotta put a side activity men'dating. Seminggu jumpa 2 or 3 times is good enough already.

Just had our pre-sympo photoshoot for montage video. Para jejaka lembap sangat bersiap. So we gurls took the time to make our own photoshoot. Excited teruja memasing because not everyday we get to use executive attire during study session.

Tema B.O.F tahun ni is black + white + blue.

When our fight end,im so so gonna miss these gurls.
Bachelor of Finance Symposium is in a week. Doakan kejayaan kami untuk melancarkan majlis nanti. Ill be presenting my Final Year Project on the 5th(2 weeks time).Work still in progress.

P/s : UNITEN gila. Takk pepasal aku kene extend sebab next sem no subject offered for me.

Dua tahun.

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Thank you for always being here with me no matter how bad situation can be.
Thank you for always giving me the best you can.
Thank you for being matured and responsible.
Thank you for putting me first before you.
Thank you.Thank you.Thank you.

Kalau dulu ade boyfie kaki kikis,siang malam aku makan biskut kering n air sejuk.Kalau ade duet lebih,baru mampu nak beli maggie dengan telur.Tiap hari garu kepala mana nak carik duit nak sara hidup aku n boyfie.Mungkin itu sebab,dulu aku kurus kering.

Sekarang,the table has turn.Siang malam aku mampu makan nasi n lauk.Kadang-kadang,bukan takat nasi,side tit bits pun boleh.Sekarang pun,tak kaya jugak,tp mampu nak beli ape saja.Even if takde makanan Mak is here to feed me.Jaga makan aku.Selagi boleh bagi aku makan,selagi itu die suruh aku makan.Nak diet pun,selalu ke laut.Katenye,tak payah diet-diet.Nanti kurus,comel pulak.Dia yang susah.Cute eyy.=)

Duit selalu jadi persoalan.Hurmm.Ada ape dengan duit.Yess,its important.But as long as i have u,n u have me.Im sure we can work things out.I am not a girl who see's someone thru their wallet.Eyhh,buat ape wallet tebal,tp hutang keliling pinggang.Wallet tebal,tapi hati kering.Tak nak macam tu.Cukup makan pakai,thats it.Ada lebih,syukur.

Sekarang dah kene saving.Jimat segala apa yang perlu.Kalau tak,tak tahu bila baru boleh bagi orang bawakkan dulang hantaran.Eyhh?! Hahaha. Niat macam tu,mesti la timbul untuk manusia normal kan.Aku and kawan2,semua dalam phasa hidup ni.Getting engage and and getting married. Aku pun nak ada family sediri jugak.Its not easy,but its not impossible.Tumpang gembira tengok kawan-kawan yang dah tunang,kawin and beranak.

Oh,i better stop here.Nak tidur,mengantuk.Waiting for picture updates from Naddido on her E-day.Excited tau!First time ikut rombongan cik kiah gie merisik bertunang.Nanti baru story.And yes,Happy 2nd Year!Im sorry tahun ni xde gift.Financial crisis and planning memacam semua ke laut.I promise to make it up to u later k.Better late than never,kan kan kan...=)

p/s : Im looking forward for my own E-day.

First time for everything

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Semester break has been nice to me,so far. I know i have been whining in twitter how depressed i am being broke during breaks.But heyy,good things do come.We'll just have to wait.

Speaking of trying new things.I tried something very very new.Something i never thought i would even try.I skated!

Had a lovely girls time out with dear bestie from high skul,Mel n her sista,Nadia. A'haaaa,not forgetting accompanied us was my forever never ending following me everywhere little brother,Aiman n Nadia's bf,Asrul.

We headed to Royale Ice Skating Rink at 1sumting.Got our butts into the rink after all geared up.Truth to be told,the first 20minutes was a lot like cold hell.I dont know how to skate.What's worst was i dont know how to balance myself.I felt like a retarded penguin for the whole 2 hours i was in the rink.Penguin that moves sides ways instead on forward to be exact.

Despite of all the torture,i sure did have fun.Laughing at each other fall.Being taught by 2 small kids on how to balance ourselve.Arghhh,word cant describe how i felt today. Shall end my very not so interesting post with some pictures.

p/s : gonna wake up with a very bad back n buttock pain tomorrow morning.
p/s: She's making me wear pink on her E-day. =.="

Exam season

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Good luck brothers.Be the best of the best okay!

Exam fever

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2 more semester & a 8 weeks practical left.Phewwww!

Currently stuffing my brains with 8 chapters of Malaysian Company Law & Secretarial Practice notes. Esok mencekik 7 chapters Financial Management pulak.

p/s :2 weeks of Raya food & 3 days stuffing myself with junk food.Results to can't fit into 3 pairs of my jeans!Shiiiitttt.

Tiktok simpati

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Arghh..It been a long long time snce i last blogged.Looking at my post,my last post was during my early week of the semester.Its already almost the end of Semester 1 2012/2013.Oh my,what an intro!

Assalamualaikum dearest.
I really hope each and every one of u are doing fine and better each day.Its still the month of Syawal,so Selamat Hari Raya i wish to all of u.Andai ada tersalah kata,makan,minum,pakai,amik,gune and etc. mohon dimaafkan ye.Im truly sorry if i had intentionally hurt anyones feelings throughout the year.  

Speaking of Raya,i had a fine one this year.But Raya isn't much of a Raya since the family isn't complete. Yeahh,Papa wasn't around for this years Raya.Family orang lain seronok je gather ramai2 and have the last day of berbuka together. Eyhh,nak buat macam mana kan.Tak elok grumble.Its isn't Papa wish either to be far from the family during the major event according to the Islamic calender aite.

How ya'll preparation went in welcoming Syawal?Mine was very very much simple this year.Cukup la tu setakat baju kurung sepasang with a pair of slippers.Other things in the list,can wait.Tahap kestabilan kewangan seem to be a little down these few months.Money matters keep coming on n off.Cik Abg with his family n economy crisis,me with mine.Its really annoying but i tried to peace myself by thinking,Raya should always be in modesty.Positively calming myself.There would always be a next time to shop till i drop eyy.

Oh yes.Have i told ya'll that i have officially cheated on my W705 after being loyal for almost 3 years?Nek Han sendiri came out with the theory where in relationship,stepping into the 3rd year will always be a crisis.Hehehe.I was just implementing them.Sorry W705,i just find that N303 is better.Ada jodoh,kita bertemu lagi ok.

My writting ideas suddenly came to drained.Macam-macam nak tulis.But i have to put my word right on line.Shall draft them first before posting.Finals is in 4days,many many many things to read.Should start revising already.No time to play.

GTG.Will post more again next time. Bye!

p/s : There's always a limit to everything.Trust,promises,loyalty,understanding and betrayed.

Raya,oh Raya!

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Takkan putus air yang dicincang.Reminds me of how exactly me and my siblings are.


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Manage to take care of them for about 4 weeks.
Bagi makan.Bermanja.Mandikan.Bergolek-golek atas katil.
They even pied on my bed & pillow.

But than,i guess i should just let them go.I have been busy these days sampai tak dapat nak prepare their meal before i leave home.I leave home at 8am,time tu cleaner tgh menyapu.I can't leave the food pot out cos she will just sweap them away.Dah 2 kali my kitty's water bowl kene sapu.By the time i get home at 4pm,anak-anak aku ni pun mesti kebulur.Even aku yang manusia ni pun perut buat okestra. =.='

Agaknya kucing pun pandai.Dia tahu mana nak carik makanan die.So yes,they are no longer hanging around my door step.They found a new 'mama'.Budak rumah bawah seem to like the kitty's.Oh,bagus lah.Feed them on time k.Love them!

Cik Abg cakap,cats are smart.They know where their food is.So i dont have to worry cos they will be back someday.Hurmmm.Sedih pulak this 2 days,bila bukak pintu both my kitty's are not around.Kalau x,both of them would run towards me everytime im at the stairs to welcome me home.Sedih!

He told me to get some other kittens.Yeah,memang banyak kucing dekat Ilmiah ni.The females are like kilang proses anak.Baru bersalin,dah bunting balik.But i dont think im gonna get close to any kitty's anymore. I get furious if i dont get to see them a day when im all too attached.Perasaan xsyok ah.

Nak sambung carik info for next week presentation.Chaou!

Procrastinate & stuck!

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Salam & hello!

Im now done with week 3 for this semester.Walaupun im only occupied with 4 subject this semester,rasa macam busy amik 7 subject. Made myself all morning class,but i seem to be home only at 4pm these days.Padahal class dah lama end at 2pm.Lambat betul aku jalan!

Sekarang ni tengah serabut actually.Im in my 3rd last semester.*Insya'Allah* I have this subject which takes me 2 Semester to complete.Its either i do them(proposal) now & end(FYP) next sem or do the proposal next sem & the FYP the sem after that.

Berangan buah berangan

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Me and my friends are at the age where the elderly would come to us and ask 'Haaa,tua dah!Bila nak kawin?!' Get what i mean? Kalau dulu,orang tanye result UPSR,PMR & SPM berapa je. =.='

I have to admit.Sebagai remaja perempuan NORMAL,aku sedikit sebanyak ada berangan fantasi how i want my BIG DAY to be.Oh,kalau dulu aku berangan nak wedding yang grand.Selagi boleh nampak mewah,iyer yang tu yang aku nak.Tapi tu semua dulu.Waktu aku tak kenal erti nilai duit & how hard it is to find money.Mungkin sebab sekarang aku dah matang.Eyhh,matang ke?Haaaa,sikit lah.Dah 22 tahun dah pun.

Sejak-sejak dah matang ni.Aku hanya impikan my BIG DAY to be simple sweet and paling penting SMOOTH.Tak nak lah wedding yang gila bapak grand,tapi the life after marriage is hard sampai kene ikat perut.Lagi baik saving and spend important needs.Oh,mari muntah hijau bersama.

Happy him. Happy US.

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I should post this after midnight.But since the internet is at its fastest speed right now,i really should post this up now isn't it.Knowing me,its either now or never.Hahaah.

Firstly, Im'ma wish my baby brotha a happy 12th birthday. Oiii,budak! Ur big already. Sunat pun sudah. So have a happy 'adulthood'. Nasib baik lah u kecik.Still can sneek u in anywhere under kids section.Haaha.


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"It doesn't take much to make a woman happy, but it takes even less to make her mad."

"Assumptions can KILL relationships."

"Constantly comparing your old relationship to your new one is the quickest way to find yourself single again."

"I’m not a perfect person, I make a lot of mistakes... but still, I love those people who stay with me after knowing how I really am."

"A woman who truly loves you will be angry at you for so many things, but will always stick around."

"Don't live in the past. You might miss the great things happening in your present."

Technically,everything comes down to having trust.

P/S : I forget at times that i was the one who started hurting you.I'm sorry for the one mistake i made.I have no right to be mad ay.Fine.Fair enough.


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Miss U!


High school girlfriends

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Year 2006


Reunion preview

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More coming up.Soon,real SOON!
Wait up. =)

p/s : from 17 to 22. Dah TUA MATANG!

Self rewarding wishlist.

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Hye again!
Sorry.I lied.Was really sleepy a while ago,but now,im pretty much segar bungar.Haha.

Just like last semester,i have a few items in my wish list.Something i would like to give myself after studying,only I know how hard i put in my effort.=)

Come back!

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Dear earthlings!

How ya'll doing?Its been sometime since i last crap didn't i? Oh well! I have been busy with 'my thing' for the past 2 months.Like seriously.Quizzes visiting me every alternate days,plus midterm of 6 subjects.Than lecturer giving last minute class sebab beliau selalu cancel last and ended up not finishing syllabus.Belum campur assigments yang...teeettt....*sighhs*

Balik kampung.

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I'm coming home,tell the world I'm coming home.

Kl, I'll see u in 5 hours. Bye Muadzam. See u in 12 days.

p/s : Dashboard blogger baru buruk!Will update blog when i reach kl.Bye!

hilang sekilo, gain double kilo !

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Howdieee awesome people.

Nothing much to say actually. Im currently exam free. Yeah,exam free pun malas nak update bloggie kannnn.

Started a new hobby lately. Ce teka ape.


I have been making jogging as an evening routine. Cik Hannot menjadi sumber motivasi & peneman untuk sesi workout. Apa boleh buat ! I finally came to my sense that I am BIG. I have a turkey size 'betis' & the size of baby elephant leg for my 'peha'. Please. Don't bayangkan ! It's UGLY. Talking about food. I have been controlling my diet. Melampau if I say i don't eat at all. I control by NOT taking rice at all. Alhamdullilah. Aku masih mampu bertahan. Tahan nafsu. Tahan godaan. Today,genap seminggu I have not been taking rice at all.

Hopefully these way I could reduce at least a little of what I have on me now. Trying not to depend so much on slimming pills and other weight loss shortcuts. Bukan its not efective, but it just doesn't work on me. Im lack of discipline. Berat tak timbang pun lagi. Minggu depan jumpa Mummy,shall hear what she says. If she does realize any size reduction on me. That means, my diet does work. HAHAH. Kalau dah diet cengini pun tak kurang2 jugak, i give up.

p/s : Draft finals dah keluar. I'll have a 2 weeks break. ^^

Exam free

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Tajuk kemaen lagi kan. Okay & yes ! I am finally free from any exam or quizzes. Yeayyy me !

So i guess it time to actually write a proper crap. Wehuuuu.

Let's see. This week, starting with Monday.

Business Ethic class was canceled because of the midterm exam due on Wednesday. See, siap print screen emel from Mdm sebagai bukti.

Next class was Public Speaking. Dah dapat balik proposal submitted last week. Gotta start preparing for extemporaneous speech dues in 4 weeks. Okayy,yang ni banyak masa lagi nak dilly dally. Tak sempat nak tarikh nafas lega, Mdm dah bagi topics for next weeks impromptu speech. Apakah??? Next week??? Yeahh baby ! She gave 13 topics to prepare, and out of these 13 topics, only 1 will be choosen for us to spech out for 2 minits. Dua minit punya cerita membawa markah 20% okayy. PENGSAN.

After Public Speaking I was supposed to attend Money & Banking. Maaf Sir. I dont seem to get any input by attending ur class. So, decided to skip class & ikowt Cik Abg balik KL. Keje gila ke tak?! Balik KL beralsan okayy. Ni nanti2 baru cerita. Hutang dulu. Oh, I was informed that we (me & my groupmates) sudah dapat tajuk for our assigment & final presentation. Dues in roughly 5-6 weeks. Boleh lengah2 lagi.

Tuesday, spent the whole day in KL. Teman Cik Abg interview in Felda HQ. Like I said before,cerita balik KL,hutang dulu. Nanti-nanti ada masa baru langsaikan ok. And yes, we headed back to hutan damai that very day. Sampai hostel about 11PM. Seriously, I was dead sleepy & tired by that time. Sempat clean myself up & bukak buku to study a little Macro. When I said a little, i really meant as LITTLE. Pfffttttt. Tak larat dah nak bukak mata, I surrender & felt a sleep.

Wednesday. Woke up at 5.30am. Terpaksa rela ! Nak tak nak I have to wake up to revise. Had Macro quiz 1, consisting 3chapters, at 9am. Not forgetting, Business Ethic midterm at 2.30pm, which covers 5 chapters. My fault for not studying early. I was busy understanding Management Science lah ! Bukan tak study langsung. HUUUUUUU. Nasib baiklah Macro quiz was just MCQ. Boleh jugak baling dadu & tembak. Klu naeb baek,ader lah tu yang kene. Business ethic was a relieve. Walaupun last minit sgt baru nak bukak teks & notes, what i read did come out. Some part was confusing, but at least I could smile coming out from the hall. Balik rumah, I looked like a zombie. Not enuff of sleep. Bajet nak rest for an hour, skali.. Hambikk kauu ! Tido tak sedar diri till 8PM. Nasib baek Cik roomie terlanggar kerusi, I woke up. Kalau tak,sampai esok pagi pun tak bangun.

Thursday. Woke up at 9sumting, read thru,revise a bit on Management Science. Based on tutorial, ade lah confident nak masuk hall & menjawab paper dengan tekun nanti. Attended MS class at 2pm. Sempat jugak mintak Miss/Mdm ajr some some yang tak sure. Having midterm at 8pm. Midterm & quizzes yang tak habes2 ni really made me exhausted. How was MS? Let's just say, I dont wanna talk about it. SANGAT SUSAH ! Soklan confusing satu hal, tak cukup masa,satu hal. Soklan langsung tak sama macam tutorial lagi satu hal. Very very frustrating paper. The paper berjaya buat ramai menangis bila kuar dewan. To make up for the frustrating moment, me & the gurls when for dinner. It was nice to have late 'dinner' together. Balik hostel, I was ready to bump my face to the pillow & have a good longggggg sleep.

Friday. Yes, Its today. Nothing much to do in my to-do list. Had my laundry done. Weather seems nice today. Hopefully sempat baju kain kering. Im out of inner wear. Opppssss. Heeeee. Update blog,which Im doing it already now. Maybe start preparing for my impromptu speech. 13 topics is ALOTTT. Sayang tauuuu 20%. Gotta prepare well.

Saturday & Sunday. Might spend the weekend in home number 2. Be an unofficial housewife. Its fun. Training for the future. Heeee.

K lahhh. Wanna go pamper myself lazying around. See ya'll in the next extry post.

p/s : He would do anything to keep me happy & Im happy he cares. Untung ! Alhamdullilah.


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Im sorry . Im so busy that I don't even have time to crap in here.

Midterm berlambak. Back to back quizzes. Assignments on the way. Soon.

Im so sorry.


*Eye candy untuk korang*

MegaGiveAway by Penmerah.com

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Some great people are giving out awesome gift. Sape taknak hadiah menarik kan. Just trying my luck. I know i dont have much of followers, but who knows. Tuah ayam nampak di kaki, tuah manusia,siap yang tahu.

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After being constantly persuaded my Cik Hannot, I might MIGHT might try out the blackberry phone. Dah tiga tahun setia pada Abg Sony, its about time to change since the battery is starting to give problem. The sliding spring pun dah 2 kali buat hal. Nak salahkan phone, padahal sendiri tak reti jaga barang.

Did a little surveying for the phone model. Im kindda blur with the models. It all seems to look almost a like to me. Bold & Curve macam sebijik jer bentuk dier. Yang beze is their slim'ness. And of cos, the Torch is one of its kind lah.

Done with the model surveying part already. Tinggal nak save duet untuk beli jer lepas ni. Which model? Huhhh, that one tunggu lah after i get it I tell okayyyy. Tak surprise lahh kalau bgtau awal2 kannn. Bikin excited sikit.

Later on, I went thru all the BIS plan info I can get. Perghhhh ! Rabak poket kalau nak tetiap bulan credit kene potong for their plans. So far yang I have found out by myself is Maxis offers RM28/month with 100MB BIS sosial plan. Celcom pulak offer RM25/month with 250MB BIS Plan. Celcom seems to be much cheaper, tapi takkan lahh aku nak tukar no semata2 untuk BIS plan.

Ni baru BIS plan, blom include my expenses for SMS & calling. =.="

So anyone have a better offer to offer me on the BIS plan? Do correct me if I'm wrong on the BIS plan i have already surveyed too yea ! TQ. >.<

p/s : He said himself that his new job is pretty much making me more 'terabai'. Auwww. Suwittt plak biler terpikir.

Setahun jagung

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~Word-less entry~

16 months and still counting. More to learn bout each other. More to understand , accept and adapt.

*artwork from me & han during Macro class*

Happy 16 annivermonthsary darling. Me love u much much...*_*
Ya Allah...
Seandainya telah Engkau catatkan, Dia milikku tercipta buatku, Satukanlah hatinya dengan hatiku, Titipkanlah kebahagiaan antara kami, Agar kemesraan itu abadi ...

Ya Allah...
Ya Tuhanku yang Maha Mengasihi, Seiringkanlah kami melayari hidup ini, Ketepian yang sejahtera dan abadi, Maka jodohkanlah kami...

Tetapi Ya Allah...
Seandainya telah Engaku takdirkan, Dia bukan milikku, Bawalah dia jauh dari pandanganku, Luputkanlah dia dari ingatanku, Dan peliharalah aku dari kekecewaan...

Ya Allah ya Tuhanku yang Maha Mengerti... Berikanlah aku kekuatan, Menolak bayangannya jauh ke dada langit, Hilang bersama senja yang merah, Agar ku sentiasa tenang, Walaupun tanpa bersama dengannya...

Ya Allah yang tercinta...
Pasrahkanlah aku dengan takdirMu, Sesungguhnya apa yang telah Engkau Takdirkan, Adalah yang terbaik untukku, Sesungguhnya Engaku Maha Mengetahui, Segala yang terbaik buat hamba-Mu ini...

Ya Allah...
Cukupkanlah Engkau sahaja yang menjadi pemeliharaku, Di dunia dan di akhirat, Dengarlah rintihan dari hamba-Mu yang daif ini, Janganlah Engaku biarkan aku bersendirian, Di dunia ini mahupun di akhirat, Menjuruskan aku kearah kemaksiatan dan kemungkaran, Maka kurniakanlah aku seorang pasangan yang beriman, agar aku dan dia sama-sama dapat membina kesejahteraan hidup, Kejalan yang Engaku redhai, Dan kurniakanlah padaku keturunan yang soleh dan solehah...

Ya Allah...
Berilah kami kebahagiaan di dunia dan kebahagiaan di akhirat, Dan peliharalah kami dari azab api neraka

p/s : its almost March. Musim midterm & quizzes are approaching fast and im not ready...=(

Twice in 4days

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Salam & hello people.

How your days have gone since my last post? Its been a week right. Gilak laju time flies nowadays. Its good. Well,it a yes for me. Lagi cepat, lagi bagus. If u know what I mean. *cough* ehemmmmm. >.<

Back to the topic.

I have been going to Segamat twice for the past 4days. Errkkk. Yeah ! I know. Whoever knows what & where Segamat is would be like "Apelah budak ni pegi Segamat for. Bukan ader mall ke wayang ke hape ! " Ceyyhh. Kau ingat Segamat tu xder pape? At least it has something Muadzam doesn't have tau.

Nak emo pulak ttbe aku ni. Hahhaha.

Buruk siku !

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Woke up today with the only plan scheduled. Type out a post i promised. Ade ke yang excited sesame nak share the good news i stated in my previous post? Macam xder jer. Bukan macam, tapi memang takde. Duhhh !

Owhk lah. Straight to the point saje.

Last week, i received a text from Cik Abg. He says that he MIGHT get an upgrade. Yeah, naik pangkat/ changed of working position. This is all due to the changes in management. Sila tau, his working management sangat lah pelik. In some areas, I dont really agree with the management too. Eceywahh, macam kau dah keje nak kasi opinion. WTV !

Back to square one

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Im fine. Yes I am. Just some sort of kemalasan melanda during the semester break & ketiadaan idea untuk menaip if some of u might be wondering where did i go missing for awhile. Eceyywahhh, macam ramai pulak peminat kau yang baca crappy blog kau ni. Huhh.

As most of u can guess, my break has finally came to its end & Im practically in my 3rd last semester. Insya'Allah. Hopefully i have the guts to cramp my brains handling 8 subject for the next 2 semesters if I was to dream to finish by the end of this year. However, banyak pihak yang positively supporting me to finish my studies slow & steady. No rush kate nyer.

And yes ! That includes Cik Abg. Walaupun the eagerness to have to wait for me to finish up my studies is high,so kami boleh palu kompang reramai cepat2, he still wants me to finish my studies with excellent result. I am happy to say that Im doing so so much better now. I should consider going slow & steady still. Late by a sem wont make much different won't it.

Entry 2012

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11 days since we all entered 2012, baru sekarang aku tergerak nak update blog. Not to late to wish everyone a hay hay hay happy 2012 right.

Maaf ! I was busy for 2 weeks with a very little gap in between for my finals. My prediction says I might be getting 1 A , 2 B & 1 C/D. Yeah, teruk kan my prediction. Tak pe lah. I worked hard for it. The least I could hope for is to at least pass with no failing & repeating paper. Azab tau kalau kene jumpa lecturer yang sama untuk paper yang sama. Bosan !

Now is semester break. I was given the option by Uniten tersayang to either continue in Feb or continue & have my little 3 months break. Difikir2, baek aku continue jer. I am so far left behind. Why would I wanna take more breaks & grad lambat. More breaks = lambat habes = lambat kawen *ceyhh, dah gatal benor!* Hahahha...

Its boring to tell outdated stories. So scratch the past.

Semester break ; my aim ~
  • loose a little weight
  • reduce the size of my tummy
  • get into 'M'
  • belaja makeup (basics would do)
  • shop for more decent t-shirt
Haaaa...aiming for the-not-so-hard to get only. Kalau yang ni pun tak dapat buat in 3 weeks, i better jump  down Ilmiah.

Owh,next sem will be getting a new housemate. The current housemate that remains is my dearly roomie, Kak Yana & next door neighbour, Nadia. Kak Zainab will no longer be in Uniten, so Aimi is filling her spot. Hopefully we would get a long well. Nahhh, not that well, but good enough that we greet each other when we meet at the hall way.

K lah. That's all for now i guess. More in the next next next upcoming i-dont-know-when entry.

p/s : I shoudn't compare.What I have is what i deserve & I know Im getting the best.

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