hilang sekilo, gain double kilo !

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Howdieee awesome people.

Nothing much to say actually. Im currently exam free. Yeah,exam free pun malas nak update bloggie kannnn.

Started a new hobby lately. Ce teka ape.


I have been making jogging as an evening routine. Cik Hannot menjadi sumber motivasi & peneman untuk sesi workout. Apa boleh buat ! I finally came to my sense that I am BIG. I have a turkey size 'betis' & the size of baby elephant leg for my 'peha'. Please. Don't bayangkan ! It's UGLY. Talking about food. I have been controlling my diet. Melampau if I say i don't eat at all. I control by NOT taking rice at all. Alhamdullilah. Aku masih mampu bertahan. Tahan nafsu. Tahan godaan. Today,genap seminggu I have not been taking rice at all.

Hopefully these way I could reduce at least a little of what I have on me now. Trying not to depend so much on slimming pills and other weight loss shortcuts. Bukan its not efective, but it just doesn't work on me. Im lack of discipline. Berat tak timbang pun lagi. Minggu depan jumpa Mummy,shall hear what she says. If she does realize any size reduction on me. That means, my diet does work. HAHAH. Kalau dah diet cengini pun tak kurang2 jugak, i give up.

p/s : Draft finals dah keluar. I'll have a 2 weeks break. ^^

Exam free

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Tajuk kemaen lagi kan. Okay & yes ! I am finally free from any exam or quizzes. Yeayyy me !

So i guess it time to actually write a proper crap. Wehuuuu.

Let's see. This week, starting with Monday.

Business Ethic class was canceled because of the midterm exam due on Wednesday. See, siap print screen emel from Mdm sebagai bukti.

Next class was Public Speaking. Dah dapat balik proposal submitted last week. Gotta start preparing for extemporaneous speech dues in 4 weeks. Okayy,yang ni banyak masa lagi nak dilly dally. Tak sempat nak tarikh nafas lega, Mdm dah bagi topics for next weeks impromptu speech. Apakah??? Next week??? Yeahh baby ! She gave 13 topics to prepare, and out of these 13 topics, only 1 will be choosen for us to spech out for 2 minits. Dua minit punya cerita membawa markah 20% okayy. PENGSAN.

After Public Speaking I was supposed to attend Money & Banking. Maaf Sir. I dont seem to get any input by attending ur class. So, decided to skip class & ikowt Cik Abg balik KL. Keje gila ke tak?! Balik KL beralsan okayy. Ni nanti2 baru cerita. Hutang dulu. Oh, I was informed that we (me & my groupmates) sudah dapat tajuk for our assigment & final presentation. Dues in roughly 5-6 weeks. Boleh lengah2 lagi.

Tuesday, spent the whole day in KL. Teman Cik Abg interview in Felda HQ. Like I said before,cerita balik KL,hutang dulu. Nanti-nanti ada masa baru langsaikan ok. And yes, we headed back to hutan damai that very day. Sampai hostel about 11PM. Seriously, I was dead sleepy & tired by that time. Sempat clean myself up & bukak buku to study a little Macro. When I said a little, i really meant as LITTLE. Pfffttttt. Tak larat dah nak bukak mata, I surrender & felt a sleep.

Wednesday. Woke up at 5.30am. Terpaksa rela ! Nak tak nak I have to wake up to revise. Had Macro quiz 1, consisting 3chapters, at 9am. Not forgetting, Business Ethic midterm at 2.30pm, which covers 5 chapters. My fault for not studying early. I was busy understanding Management Science lah ! Bukan tak study langsung. HUUUUUUU. Nasib baiklah Macro quiz was just MCQ. Boleh jugak baling dadu & tembak. Klu naeb baek,ader lah tu yang kene. Business ethic was a relieve. Walaupun last minit sgt baru nak bukak teks & notes, what i read did come out. Some part was confusing, but at least I could smile coming out from the hall. Balik rumah, I looked like a zombie. Not enuff of sleep. Bajet nak rest for an hour, skali.. Hambikk kauu ! Tido tak sedar diri till 8PM. Nasib baek Cik roomie terlanggar kerusi, I woke up. Kalau tak,sampai esok pagi pun tak bangun.

Thursday. Woke up at 9sumting, read thru,revise a bit on Management Science. Based on tutorial, ade lah confident nak masuk hall & menjawab paper dengan tekun nanti. Attended MS class at 2pm. Sempat jugak mintak Miss/Mdm ajr some some yang tak sure. Having midterm at 8pm. Midterm & quizzes yang tak habes2 ni really made me exhausted. How was MS? Let's just say, I dont wanna talk about it. SANGAT SUSAH ! Soklan confusing satu hal, tak cukup masa,satu hal. Soklan langsung tak sama macam tutorial lagi satu hal. Very very frustrating paper. The paper berjaya buat ramai menangis bila kuar dewan. To make up for the frustrating moment, me & the gurls when for dinner. It was nice to have late 'dinner' together. Balik hostel, I was ready to bump my face to the pillow & have a good longggggg sleep.

Friday. Yes, Its today. Nothing much to do in my to-do list. Had my laundry done. Weather seems nice today. Hopefully sempat baju kain kering. Im out of inner wear. Opppssss. Heeeee. Update blog,which Im doing it already now. Maybe start preparing for my impromptu speech. 13 topics is ALOTTT. Sayang tauuuu 20%. Gotta prepare well.

Saturday & Sunday. Might spend the weekend in home number 2. Be an unofficial housewife. Its fun. Training for the future. Heeee.

K lahhh. Wanna go pamper myself lazying around. See ya'll in the next extry post.

p/s : He would do anything to keep me happy & Im happy he cares. Untung ! Alhamdullilah.


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Im sorry . Im so busy that I don't even have time to crap in here.

Midterm berlambak. Back to back quizzes. Assignments on the way. Soon.

Im so sorry.


*Eye candy untuk korang*

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After being constantly persuaded my Cik Hannot, I might MIGHT might try out the blackberry phone. Dah tiga tahun setia pada Abg Sony, its about time to change since the battery is starting to give problem. The sliding spring pun dah 2 kali buat hal. Nak salahkan phone, padahal sendiri tak reti jaga barang.

Did a little surveying for the phone model. Im kindda blur with the models. It all seems to look almost a like to me. Bold & Curve macam sebijik jer bentuk dier. Yang beze is their slim'ness. And of cos, the Torch is one of its kind lah.

Done with the model surveying part already. Tinggal nak save duet untuk beli jer lepas ni. Which model? Huhhh, that one tunggu lah after i get it I tell okayyyy. Tak surprise lahh kalau bgtau awal2 kannn. Bikin excited sikit.

Later on, I went thru all the BIS plan info I can get. Perghhhh ! Rabak poket kalau nak tetiap bulan credit kene potong for their plans. So far yang I have found out by myself is Maxis offers RM28/month with 100MB BIS sosial plan. Celcom pulak offer RM25/month with 250MB BIS Plan. Celcom seems to be much cheaper, tapi takkan lahh aku nak tukar no semata2 untuk BIS plan.

Ni baru BIS plan, blom include my expenses for SMS & calling. =.="

So anyone have a better offer to offer me on the BIS plan? Do correct me if I'm wrong on the BIS plan i have already surveyed too yea ! TQ. >.<

p/s : He said himself that his new job is pretty much making me more 'terabai'. Auwww. Suwittt plak biler terpikir.

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