Half a year has gone

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Its been 8 months since my last post. yeapp, that just shows how 'busy i am to even time a short simple passage to post in here. *sighhs*

Anyways, just a short & brief updates.

After intership. i wasted no time and quickly when for job hunt. no intention for temporary job. just a permanent & stable jon to secure my finacial.Alhamdullilah!

got a call from job hunters,some job recruitment agents. had to do go through some stages of test.

test 1 : maths test.
test 2 : englist test (written)
test 3 : communication test.

oh well,test didn't stop at that. once i was called for shortlisted has to go through companies HR interview.
was suppose to do call sim <-- second part of test after passing HR interview but unfortunately i was told to go home. no 2nd test for me.

Yeahh,hell yeahh. i was super sad. walked home crying actually. =(

however after a week, my job hunter agent called me to ask how am i doing. checking if i had gotten any other job offers. i said no, and she said great! so i went like.."errrhh??"

actually i got passed my HR interview, so they called me to my 'suppose to be office' to do the 2nd round test which i missed. direct test from the line manager & head of trainer. amik kauuu! wasn't expecting any of this.

after test, head of trainer said will call me back in a month to inform wether i got the job or not. FISHH! i was like, did i screw things up again? another sad day...=(

but...buttt...yeahh...i waited not long. its wasn't a month, instead after an hour they called me. come report duty next week. And i was like..huhh? really..ok ok thank u.


so heyy, here i am. stuck as a CSE of OCBC Bank. Hopefully to last here till next year. gain some customer service experience before jumping into other areas of bankin.

will update more soon.
-ok tipu, not so soon.



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