Afrika mari !

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Entry malas !

Just wanna say Im home. Yeah, home as in home HOME.

Its study week and being home isn't something i usually do. Came back to celebrate X'mas with the family & Papa's home. Bonus okay !

Papa isn't always around. So tak salah kowt if i'm back for the week.

Practically waiting for Mummy to be back from the saloon & shoot to Aunty Sharon's house for family dinner. Sharp 12am shall begine the exchage present session. *cough* Apa agaknye would the elderly give me this year. Hehhh.

Puisi dari hati

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Lame but true. I just found out padahal hampir 1 Malaysia sudah aware bout their marriage. Hahaha. Khusyuk busy focusing pada assigment lah ! Owhk, straight to the point here. In their wedding, he gave her pretty sweet poem I'll say. Seriusly. Hayati lah sendiri

Bag hunting

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*bells ringing*

Yeap ! Its the x'mas season;pretty soon. Merry merry X'mas to those who are celebrating. Done ur present shopping? What u all got for ur loved ones?? Share share. Ceciter ceciter.

As for me, X'mas is a part of something i celebrate too. No. I aint a Christian to celebrate, but it a family ocassion. Simply to exchage gift and have a family dinner. Seriusly. If not for X'mas, my simply BIG family is hard to gather and sit at the table for a proper family dinner.

Bulan kurang kasih sayang

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Its December babeh ! As we all know, sebagai student UNIVERSITY this month is the month that most of us fear of. Kenapa? U ask me WHY? Here's why :

~ Due date assgment which comes one after another.
~ Last minit Midterm due to short semester duration.
~ Extra quizzes n test to upgrade carry marks.

Lecturers dont seem to give us the love these days. Masingmasing berlumba nak habeskan syllabus A.S.A.P. than tak habeshabes nak bagi quiz. Yang lbey obvious menunjukkan kami kurang di beri kasih sayang is last minit assgmnt. kate nyer, even if they were to give it at the early week of semester, assgmnt tu tetap akn siap bler agk2 dekat the due date. Oh, kejam sungguh. As a result, i have 4 subjects this semester, n so i have 4 assgment dues starting from 12/12/2012 till 16/12/2012. Hambikkkk.


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First and foremost,

Its been some time since I last made an entry about OUR monthly-anniversary. Jangankan monthly-anniversary, OUR a year anniversary pun I didnt post anything. So here's something I hope could cover up my outdated entry. Sorry again.

Wordless Wednesday

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*click to enlarge*

 p/s :  Hari Rabu hari sayur. <~ Metaphor much.

Cute not Cute

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100 points to loose weight

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Kindda found sumting while browsing my FB. Posted by a friend of mine.

Haaa. Simple aite. Tapi benda simple gini lah yang susah nak ikowt. Kan? Kan? So how?

Adha & Me-day

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Happy Monday peeps.

Its a holiday today everywhere-mostly I believe. Cuticuti pun ader yang menghidapi monday blues ke? HAHAH.

Owh, Salam Aidiladha to all Muslim out there too. Semua balik kampung ke? Bagus lah. Be safe on the road & take care. Ingatlah orang yang tersayang. Heee. *iklan tak berbayar*
Aku tak balik pun. Cuti sehari,agak tak berbaloi to go up & down Kuala Pilah road. Plus I could use the cash for better purpose *makan* . Cuticuti, mentakdarah je keje aku. >.<

Currently Im at my "in-laws". Ader kenduri tonight, so Im here to help out a little. Spend my Adha here too. Raya kampung style seyhh. Ader masak-masak skit, haaaa, tu baru raya name nyerr. Heee.

p/s : Tak tahu pulak Raya Adha pun budakbudak datang umah kutip duet raya.=)

Girl boy thing

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Girl power

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p/s ; Coleslaw in the making. Menjadi or not, perlu tunggu after 24hours. Cant wait.

Double dose

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Hey ya'll. Wssup !

Owhh, Im here in the middle of week 7 baru nak update pasal week 6. Cerita pun dah basi. It was my so-called 'midterm' due to burfday Sultan Pahang & Diwali celebration. So balik KL memang I would seldom b online. Y? Cos ill be stuck for hours in front the TV. Dari celik mata, sampailah kepala mintak bantal. Hahhh.

Holidays was rather okay than boring I would say. It did past by fast though. The last few days Cik Abg did spend his weekend in KL. With the few days down there pun boley overspend. Hahah. Nampak sangat cash outflow in KL is very very high.

Its true. Indeed.

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Me this week

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Hai kawankawan.

Here I am again in the end of week 5. Tak banyak pun nak update. My life is boring. Sape yang rajin menye'talk my blog site confirm sentiasa hampa with my boring life stories kan. Hehh.

Ended this week with quiz 1 QNTB yang sangat AWESOME. Yeah, awesome giler okay. I memorised every single formula in the text book, n yet. Duhhh. Frustrated dengan diri sendiri. Hafal formula, tapi tak reti bwat steps to apply those formula's pun boleh sesat ye kawankawan. Aimed for those tough question, knon soklan susah yang byk markah. Sekaliiii, hambik kauuu. Soklan simple *geometric mean* pun xley jawab.

Living & breathing

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Here I am again. Its the end of week 4 already. Approximately another 10 weeks left till my finals. Owhh, cepat nyer waktu berlalu. Tapi lagi cepat lagi bagus. Boleh grad, keje, kumpul duet & palu kompang *gatai*.

Ahahha. So how YOUR week when? Mine was biasa2 cukup rasa jer. Biasalah manusia. There's up & down of our day. But I believe I managed my week well.

Dearest Darling

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4.39am according to the clock on my desktop. Im up already. Bukan semangat nak pegi class, tapi aku terjaga dari tido. Mimpi buruk. *SHIT*


Earlier today, just before I went to bed I was quite in my moodiest mood I have ever put on. Maaf, I was just frustrated. Ter'emo sebab some plan just didn't went my way. I lost control of myself. Tak pepasal, I treated Cik Abg badly.

I can have anger issues at times. Tapi bila dah chill & mampu pikir dengan rational, I laugh myself at the mirror for acting macam orang xder akal. Sekarang ni rasa macam nak hempuk pale dengan periuk multicooker. Additional to the dream I just had. OMGEEEE. Its making me feel super duper guilty.

Can U

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Wordless Wednesday katenyer ~

I love you more than u ever know.


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3 weeks old

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Howdiee peeps !

Here I am again. Its the end of week 3 for semester 2. Im glad that i could still sit here; ngadap lappy tanpa rasa bersalah,keje tak siap. *Pat to self*

Its a beautiful Sunday and Im here awake. Gila awal okay. How's ur week when by ? Mine was just the ordinary nothing special week. Pagi class,tghari tido, petang class again, and malam is date time *depends on both our level of availability* .


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Just a quick update actually.

So i have decided what to get for Cik Abg syg for his B'day. Nak bagi benda alah gegurl tuu?? Owhh, sudah pasti tidak. Kenapa?Sebabnye, entry tersebut telah kantoi Cik Abg aku tu baca. How could i forget kan. He was reading my blog and aku bley bwat derkk tak tau. Pelupa sungguh aku ni. Symptom getting old ler tu.

Once again,

Perah otak yang tak berapa nak functional sangat ni, I decided to get what i decided. Nak tahu apa? Tunggu lah sampai hari kejadian nanti okay.Takowt terkantoi sekali lagi jer kalau tulis what i got for him. Dah tak suprice namenyer tu. Owhk lah, nak end entry entah pape ni.

Ader spotcheck katenyer harini. Kite tunggu and lihat je lah ader spotcheck ke tak ye.

Till next time >.<

p/s : call me "yunk" & I'll smile till my ears. C.O.M.E.L

Time waits for no one

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Its Friday. Which means its the end of week 2. Before that, just wanna say ,sorry lah, kurang dah meng'update lately. My work is piling and I cant effort to procrastinate my work for too long. Boleh meroyan gila kalau buat keje last minit macam duludulu.

Having to carry 4 important subject this sem, mane mau ader mase maenmaen. Iyerrr,sekarang aku tobat. Kalau dulu,banyak maner pun keje I'll still have the time to merendek & melepak ke rumah kengkawan, date tak kira masa. Now i know, how much of time i have wasted. Kalau lah aku sedar diri from before, takde aku membazir masa.*menyesal*

Time is valuable my friend.*note to self jugak*

Reduce & maintain

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Its Monday & week 2 for semester 2 is here. Phewww, kejap je mase berlalu. Pejam celik kann. First quiz is in 3 weeks. Hurmmm, blaja satu hape pun takkk. *sighhss* Macam mane kau nak suksess Sara oiii kalau gini gayenye !

Im not here to give myself a self advice. Blurghhh.
Saya nak reduce. Reduce ape??

Reduce berat badan berserta lemak-lemak tepu yang berjaya aku kumpul sepanjang 3 tahun belajar kat Uniten ni. Iyerrr, I manage to increase almost 10 kg through out this years kalau korang nak tau. Korang mampuu??

U - I - buntu

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Hodie peepss.

Happy Saturday & coming up Sunday in a few minutes. Time is really moving fast now. Tautau dah seminggu masuk semester.

Lecturer's are okay lah kowt. Baru jumpa 2 out of 4 of them. Hopefully to score well this semester. Tengok gaya lecturer macam okay jer. Boleh tahan jugak lah aura semangat nak bagi good marks for carry marks nanti. Insya'Allah.

Back to reality

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Ouhhh, 3 weeks of fantasy dreamland. Finally, today has to wake up and stand back on my 2 feet.

Result exam from previous semester sudah diterima,boleh lahh nak dibanggakan. Harus & lebih afdal jika WAJIB dikatakan, i have to put extra little more effort to carry my CGPA... Uniten terchinta added the points i got from my previous course making it a bit "cacat" to digest.


Sem break almost over

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Howdiee peepss.

Oh, Im sorry for not updating. Been lazying around doing nothing, so dont really have any idea to write. Last 2 post was during my finals. It was OKAY lahh,not so bad I say.

It's been 3 weeks now. Im on sem break. Urghhh, Sem break pun tak macam sem break. Bosan jer duduk rumah. And paling teruk is i have to deal with Love Sick. Eyhh,mengade plak budak ni kan u might think.

Aper aku kesah right! Aku love sick pun ngan laki aku,bukan laki kau. Hahhh! Maaf,terlbey emo plak.

Dusting dust

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Hachuumm !!!

Oh well,its been SOME time since i last update. Klu umah terbiar,dah sempat dah segala binatang merayap merangkak buat sarang. Buruk perangai. Sila jangan contohi.

Many things to write,but i shall hold them till im back on track. right now,im in the session of "membesarkan" my buttocks & laze around filling my tummy. Ignoring all the lemak tepu for now. It Raya babehhh, how can i resist open house & yummy food. So me huhhh.

Updating something is better than nothing right. *ayat pemalas,sila abaikan*


p/s : macam-macam nak. but important matters should be prioritize.  


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Too many things to say but too little time. Tapi dalam banyak- banyak benda, I just wanna touch on puasa. Before I start, maaf lah kalau ada yang membaca entry ni,bakal tersentap terhiris kate bagai. Bukan niat nak attack or tunjuk baik kuat agama,but its also a reminder for myself. Leave me a comment & Raya nanti aku mintak maaf kat korang.

My lecturer once said :
 “ Jangan jadikan puasa sebagai alasan untuk men’delay’kan kerja  & jadikan kerja sebagai alasan untuk men’skip’ puasa. “

Random Updates

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Banyak benda nak cakap tulis, tapi macam tak tau jer macam mana nak start. Ni pun dah kira starting kan. HAHAH...So, here goes ;

Its about time

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Nothing much to write today. Well, tomorrow as scheduled my finals will officially be starting. Not just me, tapi the whole UNITENarian will be seating in DP scratching heads, puling hair, kerut dahi, angkat kening kiri kanan along with me.

Huhhh, okayy. Tak best paper hari Ahad kan. Nak bwat macam mane, Uniten tersayang memang macam ni.

First paper starting at 9.30am. Phewwwww.* sweat*

Shall prove to THEM i can improve in my results. Ohh, takmau lagi memaen & end up having free long holidays again. Bosan tauu.

Maths Magic

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Okay, benda ni maybe dah basi for some of u. But its something new to me & i just wanna share. Yang dah tau tu, duk dendiam. Heee =)

Lets start : (Most effective for scientific calculator)
Step 1 : Msukkn 3 no 1st hp anda tu *the 3 digits after 012/016/019 ..etc.*
Step 2 : Darab dgn 80
Step 3 : Tmbh 1
Step 4 : Press =,Ans Darab dgn 250
Step 5 : Cmpurkn 4 nmbor last hp anda
Step 6 : Skali lgi cmpurkn 4 nmbor trakhir td
Step 7 : Tolak 250
Step 8 : Bhgi dgn 2
p/s : Jangan gatal tekan '=' slagi tak smpai step 4 & after step 8 okayy.

Tell me what u get...=)

My first fish

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Another fishing trip yesterday. *yipiii*

Macam biasa, would leave Muadzam for our favourite fishing spot before berbuka,roughly  around 5.30pm. Tapi semalam schedule was a bit tunggang langgang due to some weather complication & akhirnya left Muadzam nearly 7pm. Memang tak lah nak sampai destinasi tujuan in time before berbuka(7.22pm). What we did? 

Haaa..Otaii ke takk..while driving pun bley berbuka. Hahaha.. Bley bayangkan? Bayangkan lahh. We did a "U drive I feed session" . *Gezzzzzz* Terasa romantik. >.<


Bless you

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I wrote an entry for YOU. But i decided not to post it. Motive taip pun, I'm not sure. YOU just happen to cross my mind at the moment.

Oh, well. I hope YOUR doing fine out there. It's been a year since THE date. I'm sorry. Truly I am. I didn't meant for IT to end that way though. YOU left me not choice after all aite. Who to blame then?

Making this entry short. I know u ain't reading this after all, so there's no need to write entry panjang melebar lagi bosan. Betol? *angguk saje*

Dear you,
I hope your doing fine & okay out there. It's been some time since we said HI. Do know that I am, YES I am, always praying for your success no matter what had happen. We could have been good friends instead, but there's just no way of that happening aite. Anyways, even without me being there, u have & will always be great in your own ways. Cutting this short. Just wanna wish you a HAPPY BLESSED BIRTHDAY. Many happy returns of the day.

Ending this entry merapu lagi meraban right now. It's 6am & I'm going to sambung tido. Toodlesss & see ya's.

p/s : pelik plak taip entry kurang dots (....) >.<

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Bangun pagi, terus online..bukak page FB, bukak Blog Dashboard, bukak E-mel... let's see what's interesting that i have been missing through out my beauty sleep... selalu benda best mesti terjadi waktu - waktu padi buta or when ever i'm sleeping...huhhh...=.='

Bukak E-mel & nampak no other tajuk E-mel besides perkataan DUIT RAYA.. hahaha.. bab- bab duit ni memang laju je kannn...

*click to enlarge*


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Hari ni mood masuk dapur datang menganas tetiba...

Rajin pulak mengheret Cik Abg ke Tunas Manja to get a few things i need for the recipe i have in mine... oh well, had already listed in case i forget...


Lemak tepu

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Just got a link to a friend's blog.. oh,well..she's a fren from High School...we were closed for sometime but i just cant recall what made us far apart... okayyy,cerita semalam pun tak sure lagi bley ingat ke tak apetah lagi cerita bertahun- tahun lepas...

Anyways, walaupun tak rapat macam dulu- dulu *i do miss our BFF times* we do still contact once in a while to ask how each other is doing... good to know that she's okayy...

Just wanna share what i found in her blog...hahaha..has to scrool all the way back to Year 2006... Sape yang xtau, i was in Fom 4 that year..tapi umor tak cukup 16 lagi yerr....

Marah sebab sayang

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Last Thursday Cik Abg drop by hostel & coaxed me to see the doktor...urghhh..seriusly, tak suka doktor-doktor kat Muadzam ni..baek yang Hospital, mahupun yang klinik...

Along the way, he kept on mumbling & babbling bout my health...topic A- z lahh dier sentuhhh....sebak jer dada kene bebel macam tu...*bayangkan*...orang tengah sakit, then sumone bagi ceramah free berbakul- bakul & u have no strength to shut the person up..dengar je lah walau tak suke kann...*sighhsss*

When to Klinik Ridan at first, tapi doktor takde...WTH?? bukak klinik tapi doktor takde..baek tak yah bukak... pegi klinik sebelah pulak,Klinik Sulaiman...daftar diri & waited to be called...masuk jumpa doktor..all she did was look at my swollen leg & tekan-tekan 2 - 3 kali...apedaaaaa... she said its just infections & i have to pantang makan...

Sold out

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Grrrr...dah tau nak balik,carik lagi ticket last minute...kan dah xbley balik raya...

Kawan-kawan Uniten sekalian balik bler?? Dapat ticket?? Yang dapat tu,kite share ticket nak..kite duduk seat dalam bus tu separuh-separuh...*bley takkkk macam tu*

So my exam schedule states that my final paper is on the 24th at 1730...tak beli ticket awal-awal sebab timetable tak finalised lagi before dah finalised, hambikkk kauuu...habes sumer ticket kene kebas...yang xley blahhh,its sold out till 8 September...ramai sangat orang Muadzam balik KL hapeeee....

Love bite

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Hilang satu penyakit,datang lagi penyakit laen...

Well,penyakit-penyakit mengundang yang datang berpakej-pakej for the past 2 weeks are getting better... fever , flu & sakit gigi dah reda..tapi once in a while,ader jugak batuk macam orang gila...macam mane nak baek kalau duk sibuk carik air sejuk everytyme berbuka... hehhhh....

Ohhh,love bite tu ape??? Sape tauuu?? Ececehhh..dandan semua nak bwat tak tauuuu... not talking bout the love bite u guys/gurls are talking about okayyy...& i bet i know what gigitan cinta u people are thinking....bertaubat lahhh segera...*shock head*

The visit

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As i mentioned in yesterdays post...iyerrrr,post yang gile pendek tu...i said " Nevere to leave Home without proper attire that fits ALL ocassions" right? here's what i meant....

I had a sleepover yesterday at the 'In-Law's'...sebab Isnin cuti kannn...kebetulan,Cik Abg pun he decided to rest a chill dekat Ibam...

Bangun pagi,Mak & Ipin left for their daily household im left with Cik Abg..hehhh,rest bukan maen lagi,...swuh bangun pun tak mauuu...then at 11am,Mak called & told us to get ready..."Bawak ayah gie kubur,Rompin"...


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Shortest entry aieee....

Eyyy...something i learn after coming HERE several times..."Never to leave home without a proper outfit that suits ALL occasion"...

Nanti-nanti akan update what i'm crapping all about...gotta go get ready first...

p/s : mentang-mentang pose,entry pun nak pendek jer..=)

Timetable Semester 2 Year 2011/2012

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Akhirnyer..sette jugakk timetable sem depan..ohh,bangganya saya...sejammmm duk klik sini  klik sane....

Korang punye timetable aper citer?dengar-dengar ramai yang clash bagai...alhamdullilah,nasib baek aku punye xder masalah...*tarik nafas lega*

Dalam nak bwat timetable,sempat lagi mendobi okayy..haaa..multitasking gitu...

Add & Drop

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Pertama kali in 3 years of my studies in Uniten tercinta, finally the admin came to their sense to schedule add/drop session while semester is on..selama ni? Haaa..jangan tak tauuu..selama ni, admin akn bwat add&drop session after finals..time sumer tengah dah hepi nak packing bawak diri balik umah,tyme tu DIER sibuk nak bwat add/drop...


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Haaa..dalam banyak-banyak email,email aper yang paling bestt???








Penyakit Mengundang

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Post ini mengandungi unsur-unsur gedik dan mengada-gada. Dinasihatkan mereka yang mempunyai tahap humor & jiwang yang rendah untuk tidak meneruskan pembacaan entry ini.
Sekian, terima kasih.

Salah Ikan

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Demmmyuuu ikannnn...grrrrrr...

Ceritenyer cmni...Cik Abg is off for his 3days 2 nights seminar somewhere in Tanjung Leman, he left this morning from muadzam without leaving behind his rod....well,he did tell me yesterday that he will be spending his time fishing...

Okayy lah tuuu kannn..dari dier duk sibuk mancing mak ayam ke hape..haaa..saper yang susah....

Anniversarry @ Warisan

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Sunday was the day to leave home & get back to MSC...

Berat plak hati Cik Abg nak tinggalkan KL..hahah...sempat lagi ucap goodbye as soon as we reached tol Sg.Besi & be out of KL for the next few weeks...

Since it was also our anniversarry, i decided to celebrate it with a 'romantic' dinner at Restoran Warisan...katne restoran ni??its along the way from kuala pilah - bahau..u can find them betol-betol tepi sawah has quite a big signboard,so no worries...u wont get lost...

Back to Back Part 2

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Ohh,where did i stop???

Yeahh...after bath,siap2 & terus kluar untuk fetch Aiman from his fren's bday party...tapi macam awal sangat lah habes bout i decided to have a hair trim....xder potong pendek pun,juz a lil layer to nipiskan rambut yang tebal macam hutan amazon ni...

Atleast my head felt a little lighter now...fetch Aiman & off to Lala Chong Seafood,Subang... all this while,i would sit at the back row & fall asleep in the car...seriusly,10 kali pegi,jalan pun tak sure..ape kessss...& bawak Cik Abg at the wrong direction..huhu...round2 ara damansara almost 4 rounds & still at ended up salah jalan...

Back to Back Part 1

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As promised...

Minggu depan dah nak puasa, so i decided to balik hometown last weekend...and it was superbb loikkeee okayyy....

So yeahhh,left Muadzam last friday after ENBB midterm paper...phewwww...susah paper tu,jgn cakaplahhh...den yang speakingmeaking ni pun terkebil2 nak menjawab...a simple task should never been looked simple...i should have known after living almost 21 years blame me for not preparing well if i dont score & not the paper....=.='

On the way back,drop by 'gerai tepi jalan' to get some durian for the famile..Cik Abg cakap,dah bayak kali turun KL tapi tak bawak buah tangan..tak suwittt gitu...& i had to deal with the awesome smell all the way till home...bley pengsan tauuu duk dalam kete terperap dengan bau durian tuuu...

1 week

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Eyyy..its been a week since i updated..maaf silent readers & stalker2 tegar ku..i promise to update soon k...ohhh...keadaan tidak brape nak mengizinkan untuk diri ini mengadap lappy lelame...

Picture above copied paste from belog cik roomie...nanti lahhh..esok lusa akn ku update yeahhh..2 busy weeks...haaaa...

Baru makan ubat selsema & gonna doze off real soon...bubye...=)

Saya bout u?

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Burppp...*alhamdullilah*..kenyang dah dari tadi duk nguyah nugget ayam Ramley ni...1 packet besar kongsi dengan Kak Yana..perghh..memang melantak habes...

Since Im getting busy now & then..ill just go straigh to the point of my entry..i have 3 things to say...which should i say 1st...*pikir pikir*

Fully booked

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Its the end of week10 for this semester...this means,there's 4weeks till finals...wowww..thats extremly fast... finals just around the corner...

Week 10 was simply 'lenggang-lengang kangkung'..didnt had much stuff to do...class task was ermm,okayy2 lahhh...however...week 11 is gonna suck up all the enrgy i have stored in fully booked with presentation, quizzes & most importantly...midterm...


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All I need right now is a dentist..rasa macam nak cabut cabut jer gigi yang ader ni...ader gigi pun susah,xder gigi lagi lah susah...

Been having toothache for the fast few days..sehari dua bley lah tahan sakit tanpa bantuan painkiller..masu hari kedua,nak tido malam giler fast as my heart waas beating...bengkak kat gusi pun denyut laju gitu..auwwww...

Classes & Routine

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Superrr awesome day...*okayy,tipu*

Positive sikit lah bebbs...started the day with QNTB quiz 1..perghh..soklan sumer xley blahhhh...chapter 1-3 pun dah mngigil2 nak mnjawab...cmner nak mnjawab Midterm...O_0??? Midtermmm??? Yeahh..u heard me...Midterm is in 2 weeks...jgn memain okayy..Midterm tu..penentu segala markah carry marks...demmm...

Ohhh..paper Quiz was..ermmm..hurmmm...*mengeluh* was suppose to be easy...tapi sebab soklan terlalu MUDAH,i cudn't asnwer confidently...biasalah tu kowtt..biler kite dah biasa dengan benda susah,ttbe orang bagi soklan simple kacang2,korang pun msti ragu2 nak menjawab...tak caye??cer try jawab soklan simple BI ni...

CBB fever

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Howdieeee peeps...sorry ler dah 2 3 hari xder updates...den bz ler...bukan bz ngan hal umah tangga,tapi bz ngan demam...huaaaaa...demam itu sangat tak best kann...haaaa..tapi klu nak dibandingkan antra demam Exam ngan demam sakit badan,menanggung sakit badan lagi ku rela...

Howeverr...pheeewwwww..lega sudah beban di bahu...paper Midterm CBB has already ended an hour ago...senang ke?? ermm..okay lah kowttt...MCQ was like...errr...A ke haa? ke B jwpn dier..hohhh...C pun mcm jawapan btol...demmmm...ilang fokus due to low temperature in the hall...duk bawah aircond plakkk... abes kejang tgn nak pgg pen...

Wakk'luuu Part 2

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Eyhh..wa heran ada bce blog wa ke?? Opsss..I'm Sorryy..* gaya amir Raja Lawak* wa mintak maap lah klu lu ada bace ini blog...mana wa mau tau lu bce wa punya jangan lah mau sentapsentap sama wa okayyy...wa tak heran pun lu mau bikin ape,tapi wa paling tak suke orang lupe jasa...huiiii...alergikk tauuu... 

Ini wa mau kasi mau kincing ka sentap ka..wat so ever lah kann..wa sikit pun xheran...klu lu sentap,wa mau bikin ape...memang betol aper wa ckp kannn...okayy lahh..fine..maybe wa xtau aper masalah lu... sebabnye..wa tau,setiap manusia pun ader masalah...kite tak kenal org tu,so kite xley maen hentam judge here's a thought...

Tiffany & Co,

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Was browsing thru here & there tilll I came across this FB page...they sell replica items... Nafsu online shopping saya memang i cant help it to not look into the items they are selling...replica pun replica lahh kann... nak yang ori,duatiga bulan aku kene ikat perut kalau nak beli...

The album that attracted me was the Tiffany & Co. album...saper tak tahu,sila goggle & carik aper ke benda Tiffany & Co. is all about okayyy... Those bracelet was...ermmm..attrative...tetiba rase macam nak get 1 for myself...=.='

Entry ke-100

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Sedar tak sedar this is gonna b my 100th entry in this blog...oh MY....aper lah yang aku melalut dlm 99 entry lepas...okayyy...sempena entry ke 100 ni..i dedicate it specially untuk my Lecturer,Miss MJ...>.<

ASB Maybank

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Few days back while in Segamat,me & Cik Abg had a short visit to Maybank...alang-alang nak bayar kete,we used the opportunity to asked the officer in charged pasal benda ASB ni...see the pamphlet?? yeapp..the officer handed us kertas kuning to sambil explain what ASB is all about...making it short,she said ASB is a form of saving in long term...


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Baru balik dari segamat after servicing JLS...hurmm..aderader je lahh Cik Abg ni nak bwat dekat kreta tu...skali trun Segamat,kalau tak berabis seribu tak sah...

Cik Abg tambah kipas untuk kuatkan angin aircond..den bayar installment kreta...baru beberapa minit dah abes sribu...phewwww...baru nak menabung,duet dah habes...sighhhsss....okayyy,xper lahh..untuk kegunaan harian jugak kreta tu...nak tak nak,kene bwat jugak...^(>.<)^

Wakk'luuu Part 1

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Wa tak tau nak cakap macam maner ngan dah dapat kachingggg,lu ghaib trus lahh susah,pandai lu korek lubang cni cna nak idup kann...terbaek ahhh...wa tak nak banyak cter lah,sebab ni benda pun bukan wa punya hal...tapi agak2 ah susah org tolong,lu dah senang..mau makan angin pun mau tipu kaaaa??Lu kuar ngan org laen,lu kate kuar ngan org laen..apa macam ini?? Its like me going out with my Cik Abg & telling u im going out with my dad...derrrhhh..itu menyamakan Cik Abg wa ngan Bapak wa....xsyokk owww macam tu...Lu sendiri mau pikir lahh..dunia ni kecik jer maaa,lu pusing cni cna,confirm kantoi punya satu hari sudah tipu,tak sampai 5 minit wa dah tau lu kincing sama waaa...wa tak heran ngan wa pun bukan ader its up too mau jenjalan ke..mau shopping ke...wa sikit pun takde kesah,tapi pls lahh...jangan mau kincing same orang yang byk tolong lu mase lu kachinggg dah byk kannn...utang bler mau langsai...duet haram duet halal itu blakang crita...duet tetap jgn mau enjoy sgt laah okayy,lu bergaye tapi papa kedana pun untuk aper...wokayy lahh,wa chau dulu...wa byk cakap pun bukan lu mau dengar..wa senyap xder cakap cakap depan sebab lu kawan wa punya kawan..wa xmau ruin the frenship because of u..tak berbaloi...adiossss....

p/s : when poverty knocks at the door, love flies thru windows...renung-renungkan...>.<

Cucur ikan bilis

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Minggu ni agak membosankan cause i only have 1 class this week...clas ENBB was cancelled due to Lec's meeting in Bangi..class FICB plak cancel cause Lec dapat MC 2weeks all i have is CBB which has already ended at 10am earlier today...

Balik dari class trus ngap roti + telur..blogwalking here and there..goggle cni sane..tau2 i'm already off to dreamland..ehehe...tuptup bangun2 dah kul3lbey...perut plak macam mintak teatime..nak turun FC sikitsikit punya malas...lastly,texted Mummy & asked how to make cucur..wehoooo...

Its KL babeh

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Sedar tak sedar,its been 5 days since we both(me & cik abg) left Muadzam for KL...we sure did had a great time together...5hari jugak lah aku hutang updates dalam ni kan kan here goes the entry...

Day 1 (Wednesday)

Im pretty sure i did an entry for Wednesday..but wat the heck...ill summaries all the updates in a lump sum..=) Reach KL about 9 sumting,pegi Giant Kinarar sebab Cik Abg last minit nak beli kasut..he's present shoe dah macam rotten & kulit mengelupas bagai...nak carik yang murah2 jer sebab bukan nak pakai slalu pun..tapi tak he decided to buy the shoe gum & stick the shoes in shape...head home,washup & brought Adik kecik kuar supper...we had not makan since afternoon so kami agak kebulur...after makan,bali rumah & trus tido...

Kuala Lumpur

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Phewwww....after almost two months leaving dear KL,here i am..blogging from my sweety room...wehoo...yeapp..mnggu ni balik KL awal gler duer to some other matters...later on ill story more aitee...this post might not have much any pictures,cost i was BUSY & kindda tak terlintas nak amik gambar pun...=)

Anyways,here i KL,since wednesday..left MSC bout 6pm & reach home bout 10pm...haaa..laju takk??tak pun rase nyer was rainy here & there,so tak ley nak bawak laju sgt pun...jalan yang licin bley mnyebabkan macam2 perkara buruk berlaku kalau tak berhati...ALHAMDULILLAH,we(me & aik abg) arrived my home safely...

Berwajah baru

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As promised in my previous entry,aku nak bagitau mane 5k dari 9k lepas jual JEJ 8898 tu..haaaa..dengar leklok tauuuu...xley dengar,bace dendiam....motive aku bagitau benda ni is untuk clear up understanding sesetengah orang yang duet laki aku BUKAN hak aku..& aku tak amik pun 1 sen dari duet 9k tu...ada pahammm...=)

Sambil aku bercerita ni,korang kuarkan lah kertas & pen untuk calculate the expenses...nak advance,kuarkan kalkulator sekali..tapi rasenyer,korang ni semua advance bijak2..tak payah kowt kira pakai kalkulator....

Dirimu dalam kenangan

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Ingat lagi tak kat kete ni..alaaaa..yang ni...jappp..jappp...ingat takkk???

Haaaa..dah ingat takkk??kalau tak ingat jugak,refer kat entry ni...

Quiz preparation

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Pstttt..kelmarin dah bwat 2 entry kann..kira dah cover lah untuk smlm pnye entry..hehh,ada plak maen cover2 gitu...nampak sangat pemalas punya orang...

Okayy..ini nak bagitau...arini(15/6/11) i will be having my Consumer Buyer's & Behaviour (CBB) first quiz...topic covered chapter 1 & 2 jer..JERRRR okayyy...dalam 2 topic tu pun,nak menghafal pun ke laut...aper lahh nak jadi weyhh...quiz is in a few hours...redah sajer lah weyhh...

Waktu dulu-dulu

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Yesterday,sambil berdating dengan Cik Abang...bukak lappy & online...haaa,jgn tak tau..aku dating pun bawak lappy..sayang betol aku ngan lappy sampai tak ley nak berjauhan..hahaha...okayy,tipu saje..saper percaye memang lurus...=)

Bawak lappy semalam sebab Cik Abang nak bwat surat rasmi for his Bangla worker,,,mamat tu nak balik kampung...huhhh..susah betol nak balik kampung sndri pun nak kene mintak kebenaran dari pihak atasan...tak sampai 10minit pun aku taip out & save the letter..than Cik Abang mintak carikkan cord guitar from the internet...


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Almost a week tak mengupdate..sorry sorry..." i'm sorry " bwat gaya amir raja lawak... ahaha...kemalasan & tiada idea pun nak update aper sebenarnyer...anyways,entry ni...crash course updates untuk the past a week i have not been updating okayyy..alaaaa,kira langsai ler tu hutang entry smnggu...panjang atau x,kite tnggu jer pnghujung nnti...tgk jari ni rajin ke tak nak tuktaktuk keyboard ni...


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Hello Tuesday...

Its 12.20pm & i just woke up..huhh...buruk betol perangai..aper nak jadi...eeccecehhh..actually dah bangun dah tadi at 10sumting..but then golek2 guling atas katil mengalahkan ular sawa...12.20pm is the official time for me to get my butt of this bed & menwangikan diri...

Owhhh...yesterday masuk was superb awesome..dah dapat assigment yang dinanti2kan...ahahha..gler tak semangat aku ni...orang laen tensen dapat assigment,aku ley tepuk tangan dapat assigment...wehoooo...class was suppose to be 3hours..tapi lecturer explain stuff for about 15minits jer...about 45minits the other students took turn to consult lecturer about their assigment...

Kenduri lagi

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Ohhh hoo..another weekend full of kenduri kawen...memang tak ler aku nak diet macam ni...

This week ader 3 jemputan kenduri kawen but i can only go for 2 out of three...1 was today,later on i'll story mory more about it...another would be tomorrow...

Balik Ibam cos Mak called me up to teman her for a first ingatkan tak jadi balik cos Cik Abang gotta work..but then, he said he got the day off sebab Hari Agong katenyer...ahhaa...Mak was already waiting for me..kesian plak Mak tak gie kenduri if im not around..takder org teman..huhuh..

Maaf Mak,esok punye kenduri Sara tak ley nak ikowt..member dah sebulan awal jemput untuk kenduri dier..ermmm...i feel pretty bad leaving her...=.='


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It's almost 1am and i cant semua Cik Abang punya pasal... huhu...he gave me overdose of food bila kuar tadi...

Since masuk Semester ni..kami belom lagi menjejak kan kaki ke kedai makan...amacam...cun kann..haaa,ni semua..nak jimat punya pasal...apesal tetiba nak jimat?? well, planning untuk kawen mesti lah covered with badjet jugak...badjet here means MONEY...macam maner nak kawen kalau duet xder kann...

Terlari topik plak..heee... anyways... since kami nak jimat duet, tak perlu lah kami nak makan kat kedai kan... we take turn tu masak & tapau from home...

Pekan, Pahang

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Again, another entry untuk langsaikan utang yang dijanjikan dalam entry berikut..huhu... Yeappp...after a long Saturday,i did have another long Sunday too...

Mak ajak ke Pekan, Pahang on Sunday for some "hal"... i didnt bother to ask since she just said its not gonna be a wedding..perghh..selamat...enough of wedding for a while..been having wedding food for the past 1 month & i'm way far from my diet schedule...duhh,macam mana nak resist makan nasik kalau memang wedding orang Melayu memang hidang nasik..takkan special order,aku nak mintak Bihun Goreng plak kan... Dermmmnnn..>.< 

Kelapa & Ikan

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Ini juga one of those entry malas,which means less word & more pictures..alaaaaa,my writting is boring so i'm sure korang-korang pun lagi rela tengok gambar dari aku melalut merapu..heeee....

As i mentioned before,after Along's Wedding reception last Saturday...i had to scrap of coconut flash... Hahaha..ini bukan kes dera okayyy..tapi sebab nak sangat minum air kelapa... baru rehat tak sampai 10minutes, Cik Abang dah ajak kutip biji kelapa...and i said..." haaa,jappp..nak tukar baju japp..ader plak nak kutip kelapa pakai baju kurung...heee..."

Tak sampai pun 5minit tukat baju, there he was...eating & drinking in the kitchen..lapo kate nyer...padahal baru jer pas makan kat kenduri Along....

It's her big day

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It's almost 11.30pm & im tired..had a long day...attended Along's Wedding Reception in the afternoon..came home after the reception...chnged & started pickup up & scraping coconut in the back yard...i'll tell more of this in other entry some other tyme..

Rest for a few minutes and then headed to Rompin for a short fishing trip...another entry that im gonna owe my readers..=)

Resipi Rahsia

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I'm always late updating stuffs in here..well,here's another post which is way past due date..hahha... sumenyer gara2 belutut bluetooth device kat lappy asyik error this few days...xbley nak transfer pic = boring post...ader pic pun,post aku boring jugak..huhuh...=_=''s what i wanna share...

Last week,went to Segamat dengan Cik Abang...bukan untuk bersuka ria okayyy...tapi dier nak gie langsaikan monthly installment JLS & at the same time nak renew roadtax JEJ... in my last post i did say that he has no extra money for entertaining me kann..this is why..he has TWO jet's to maintain...* i call them jet's because he likes to bawak kreta laju *

Im not a gold digger...

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Okayyy...i dont know really know how to start but i guess i have already started with noting after all..pardon me if im rude.. forgive me if ader yang terase hati,makan dalam,makan hati..blabla..etc...

Back to my point...i try as hard as i can to not depend on my BF's money..yeahh,ader orang akan cakap...          "untung lah kau,dapat pakwe berkerjaya...bley kau tumpang senang .." Darnnnn..shallow giler kalau korang pikir macam tu..i have been living for the past 21 years soon to be & not 1 moment i live on a guy's money besides my BAPAK...

Untill the day my father gives my hand to another man,i shall fish & scoop out all the money & cash i want from my father's pocket...


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Dalam entry ni,i did mention i did a few blog & online shopping..kan..kan..kan...haaaa..lame xupdate sebab xley nak online...but then...posto...tetap posto...


Kompang dipalu...

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Ohhh..ampunnn semua...lame bebenor tak update dalam ni...lappy last minute wat hal plak bler smpai MSC ni...for an unkown reason,it says berukband xley di'connect disebabkan setting lari...hampehhhh..ntah aper yang lari...anyways,by the time korang bace ni...the story is already a week old...but i still wanna share & story mory kat semua...

Last weekend, a friend of mine or to be exact..dier housemate kepada cik abg ku dalam umah ladang a.k.a umah Merchong, dah selamat di ijab kabulkan dengan pilihan hati sendiri...huaaaa..grand gitu okayyy the wedding reception... walaupun hanya kat kawasan perkampungan, waa salute beb... orang kampung pun bley ader pelamin besar tauuuu....

Envy, Perhaps

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Pagi-pagi buta pun tak reti-reti nak tido kaaa?? Haiyaaa..salahkan cter korea yang berepisod2 tu haaa...skali tgk,msti mau addicted pnyaaaa..hahaha...

Dah lame tak merapu dalam ni..hurmmm..xder idea pun..nnti dah sampai utan terchta baru idea melimpah ruah KOWTTT..haha...alasan semata okayyy...warga UNITENARIAN yang laen balik blerrr?? I'll be back soon...can't wait..ohh,i miss that place...>.<

U heart Me, I heart U back

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Lirik :

Kenapa hatiku cenat cenut tiap da kamu
Selalu peluhku menetes tiap dekat kamu
Kenapa salah tingkah tiap kau tatap aku
Selalu diriku malu tiap kau puji aku

Kenapa lidahku kelu tiap kau panggil aku
Selalu merindu romaku tyap kau sentuh aku
kenapa otakku beku tyap memikirkanmu
Selalu tubuhku lunglai tyap kau bisikan cinta

you Know me so well
Girl I need U
Girl I love U
Girl I heart U
I Know you so well
Girl I need U
Girl I love U
Girl I heart U

Ubat rindu paling mujarab

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1st May -> Selamat Hari Pekerja bagi mereka2 yang berkerja...=)

Cer teka Cer teka aper jadi semalam...heeee....nak tau takkk...semalam dah dapat ubat rindu...auwwww... Ubat tu xder lah mahal maner pun...walaupun xmahal,tapi cukup mustajab mujarab...guess again... takkk takkk..cik abg x turun KL pun nak ubat rindu ni...*sedeyh mngedik*

Online Shopping

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Ohnnooo...tak der idea nak membelog sekarang... therefore , just nak share my new hobby ngan korang...xder lah baru maner..dah lame dah pun menjinak ngan benda alah ni...huhuh...nak wat cmner...diri ni tak berkerjaya lagi,xder duet dlm poket memanjang..arapkan duet mak bapak masuk bulan2 jer skrang...nak shopping,kene tunggu duet kepul2 baru ley kuar shopping...easiest way to shop is BLOGSHOPPING or ONLINE SHOPPING...

Mid Valey & Vincci Renovation Clearance Sales

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*amik gambar macam zmn jahiliah dulu*
gambar sekadar hiasan

Hallluuu halluuus uolssss....okayyy...before we go on..reminder..ini cerita,semalam punye...dah odw nak basi dh pun by the time korang membaca ni....sila salahkan Cik Finaz yer..sebab lambat hantar gambar (tak bagi pun sampai sekarang)...heehe...

No perfect relationship

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New categori

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Ohhh..ohh..nak bwat categori baru starting from now..its my TUMBLR collection...saper yang ader TUMBLR,u may follow me aitee if u wish tooo..thanxxx...=)

Officially 180 days old

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Andainya lelaki tahu..
Apabila seorang perempuan jatuh cinta,
lelaki itu tidak semestinya punya segalanya
tetapi lelaki itu adalah segalanya di hatinya.

Andainya lelaki tahu..
Apabila seorang perempuan itu mengalirkan air mata,
itu bukan bermakna dia lemah,
tetapi dia sedang mencari kekuatan
untuk terus tabah menyintai lelaki itu.

Strangers again

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Before we go any futher,lets watch the video below :

Fynn Jamal - 150 Juta

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Mood : Jiwang'ness....

Award Blog Kemas

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Lame tak berblogging...malas & tak ada idea nak merapu apa dalam ni...musim cuti,doing noting much besides online makan tdo...bley mati kebosanan terperap kat dalam umah bilik ni...hahaha....

Semalam,sebelum nak sekejap...ader new announcement dari say :

*abaikan time line tersebut,semalam tak online petang*

I know..

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p/s ; picture speaks a thousand words. Enough said...

R A N D O M...

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Nak taip the whole long story,tapi nanti jadi macam karangan pulak...i'll juz make it short...the shortest i could... these are just random things i wanna say to some people(not mentioning any names)...


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Fuwhhhh...shyuhhhh...berhabuk sudah blog ni..seminggu lebey tak mau update lah ni..sabaaaaa...=)

Owhhh..nak weekends update ke??xder kowt this tyme..xmau share..not this time..huhu..juz wanna say i did have a good tyme spending my weekends dengan mereka2 yang tersyang..terubat jgak skit rindu yg membuak2 dlm hati ni..k,FULLSTOP....ckup sudah...

Episode 5 : Ku ada Kamu

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*press play sambil membaca entry ini*
jgn lupe pause my mixpod player on ur right dulu k...

Just like every 23rd of each month,ill never to forget and miss to post an entry...khas untuk My's the post for this month...

Malu kjap...

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Baru kul9.30pm..tapi mata dah macam mamai2...tengok adik tido kat tepi ni memang ngudang betol...hahhaha...masuk FB tadi..xder benda nak tengok..then nampak fellow UNITENarians wishing each other gud luck for the final exam week...

Aku yang bosan ni,trus gie cmmnt kat status tu sebab nak wish them all the best..xpandang kiri kanan trus ucap...

In a way there's differences in us

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Heyy you'll..wassup wassup..wat have u guys been up to?Me?? Noting much actually...laze around kat rumah..makan ..tido..on9...that's all about it...well,im not here to talk bout what im doing at home..instead...just wanna share sumting...its a video actually...

Tiada yang kedua

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First n for most...

1) I did a little renovation to my blog...u see the differences???Nampak tak??nampak?tak nampak???I changed my background lahh...Amacam??Is it much better than before??i hope it does..cos im kindda happy with it..yeayy me..=)

2) It's study week already..It means that next week is on no stress for me...heee..jus wishing my frenz Gud luck & all the Best answering...chaiyokkk...gambate..!!

Vacancy in MPOB

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Its Sunday n im superbly BOSAN...huhuh...sedeyh nyerr...saya sangatsangat bosan ok..seharian mengadap lappy sampi rase nak muntah jer tengok FB...lastlast...was thinking wat good use of internet i can get...survey punya survey..tetibe..tergatal tangan nak bukak page Malaysian Palm Oil Board..haaa..saper yang xtau pasal organisasi ni??gie cepat2 google ok n find wat's MPOB is all about...

Cerekarama : Berkalung Noda..

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As usual,arini ari Cerekarama Tv3 kul10pm dah jadi wajib...this week tajuk movie "Berkalung Noda"..korang yang laen ader tengok tak??tpu lah tak tengok..Fasha Sandha berlakon tuuuuu..aiseyhhh...rugi saper tak tengok...hehhh...*swuh tengok jer,tapi aku bukan peminat fanatik FS ok..=)"*

Haaa..bagi yang tak sinopsis of the story :

Mereka sama...tapi lain...

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Xder benda nak blog pun..tapi tangan gatal nak jugak carik idea nak post for today..heee..malam tadi,tengah sibuk sidai baju(yeapp,memang suke sidai baju tengah that,bila mak bangun pagi..dier ltk kat 12pm,baju dah kering and boley lipat)...ttber mak masuk dapo(dekat ngan tempat sidai)...

Weekends Updates

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Weeehooo..after sebulan tak balik hutan tercinta, back for a short visit last weekend...took the morning(earliest) bus yang ader..pfttt...bus was suppose to leave Putra at sebab ALASAN jam nak sampai Putra from HQ...9.30am baru nampak terpacak kat Putra tu...left KL and started the journey at almost 10am...huarghhh..

Small town girl meets kampung boy..=)

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*mood jiwang*

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When you’re not with me, all I can think is for time to quickly pass and the next day to come… but time always passes so slowly.
When you’re with me, all I can think is for time to stop and the next day not to come… but time always passes too quickly.
There's been the ugly, the good and the "bad"
But despite all of this - our love's no passing fade.

Happy Anniversary my lover and my friend,
My appreciation, my heart to you I send!"

Mimpi gigi tercabut?

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Dangg..pernah tak korang dengar orang duludulu cakap pasal benda ni...tafsiran dierog pasal kite yang mimpi gigi tercabut...xkesah lar atas ke bawah ke..depan ke belakang ke...bagi dierog,ikowt tafsiran dierorg,kalau mimpi macam tu,mkner nyer ader orang yang kita sayang atau ahli keluarga kita akan meninggalkan kita....

Aishhhh..tak tau nak caye ke tak benda ni..i juz had those dreamn i dont want anything bad to happen...mimpi tu maenan tido jer..kan..kan..kan...huaaaaa...

Grateful & Thank You

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There's no words for me to say that can show how much i am feeling thankful & grateful to have found and having u around...i once had did wrong to u,but yet u still could forgive and accept me just the way i am...thanx for the second chance & i promised to never do the same mistakes again...

Terima kasih sangat-sangat... u alwaysssss....i cant wait to meet up again...

Would u be my Valentine?

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Sedar tak sedar...its coming to the end of the 2nd week of February in year 2011...Fuhh...cepat giler mase berlalu...rase macam baru smnggu dua sambut new year ari tu...well heyyy,end of 2nd week = 14/02/2011 = ...??... Duhhh lembap nyer..tak kan tak V-day also known as Valentine's day a.k.a Hari Kekasih... Sape yang ader ehemmmehemm..ader bini..ada laki...pkwe/mkwe..msti smbut hari spesel ni doesnt have to be these ppl mention above..even dengan parent/grandparents..makcik/pkcik pun korang bley celbrate...dierog ni pun antra orang yang korang sayang jugak...

It's a family thing

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I have a multiracial family..huh?what?...tak paham?xper2..yang tak tau,duk diam2 n bace sampai habes..saper yang tau..gud for u..=)

Yeapp..i have a 1 Malaysia family...refer gambar bawah ni untuk kefahaman yang lebih mendalam...tankiu...

Kereta pun pandai..

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Ini cerita dah semnggu past due date sebenarnya...mungkin ader yang tau,ader yang tak..last week i spend my tyme dekat hutan tercinta..actual punya plan is 25/1/11 pergi den 28/1/11 pulang ke hutan batu...4 hari jer dapat spend tyme dengan DIA..*sedeyh kan*...mlm terakhir nak balik,pappy kate.."ma,kalau sayang pa..esok xpyh balik ek.."...hmm..berat nye hati ni nk tinggalkan DIA kat cni..aigooo..i have no choice..i have to go back no matter what..." kene balik xnk ma balik cni lagi ek pasni?"...masing2 senyap saje...=_='

Hope that there are doing fine...

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Lame tak update sebab malas dan malas..ermm..penyakit malas dah kembali..hohohoh...aper nak jadi sara oiii...dah dah..xboleh malas..huaaaaaa...

Sedar tak sedar dah 3-4 taun tak jumpe member2 SMK...macam maner nk jumpe,pas SPM sumer ikowt haluan masing2..ader yang stick to malaysia..ader yang dah merantau..ader ke york..U.S...india..china..korea...errrkkk.... EGYPT pun ader weyhh..

Rahsia bulan kelahiran

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*ehemm ehemm* ini benda..bukan saya yang kaji yer...tapi Dato’ Dr. Haji Mohd Fadzilah b. Kamsah yang kaji...well,he's well known in many areas kann..kan...tengah bosan tak tau tahap ape...den ternampak aplication rahsia bulan dalam tarikh lahir...main try n error saje ngan benda alah ni...n it says or shud i say he says according to his research...

I am as below....

3 months old...

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Hepi 3rd month anniversary my love...
Maaf xdapat sambut sama-sama macam bulan lepas...
well,the month before that pun ma xder kan...
Blog ni sebagai ganti diri untuk ucap selamat bwat pa ye..

A boy & His bestfriend

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Boy:I broke up with her. 
His Best Friend:What happened? 
Boy:She’s just too much for me. 
His Best Friend:What makes you say that? What did she do wrong? 
Boy:Well, for one.. She only cared about her appearance. Always had to look good, always took forever to get dressed! So insecure.. 
His Best Friend:So, you broke her heart because she wanted to keep your eyes locked on her? She wanted you to see that you have the prettiest girl under your sleeve and not think otherwise? I see.. 

Get well soon...

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Started my day juz lyke all the other days i have been going thru...tapi i dont know why i juz feel sumting is not ryte...i bet korang pun kadang2 ader rase macam sumting yang tak kene...ader yang tak kene,tp xtau aper yang tak kene...get what i mean?

Bukak mata,and replied pappy's morning msg...yeapp,he msg's me every morning before masuk ladang for work..its a habbit...slagi dier tak msg,slagi tu ill b in dreamland.. ehehe...its nice to get gud morning wishes from ur loved once kannn...tapi...ermmm..lambat plak delivered...i cnsidered that he's all ready sumwhere in the plantation area smpi xder line*ladang mmg slalu mcm tu,ssh gler nk dpt line...*


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