Special semester

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Assalamualaikum & hey yall!

Been 'busy'. Fine,its a lie. I had quiet ample of time, but i decided not to blog. Well,i didn't have anything to blog actually.

So here i am. Just a quick review.

I am currently in my special semester. Second last semester before i head to industrial training & then be officially graduated with a scroll. Insya'Allah.Yeayyy!

Mana nak praktikal,tak carik lagi. Not that i have not started searching. Just haven't started applying anywhere sebab my final semester punya jadual is not fixed. Yeahhh,u'll never know how crazy the Universities admin can be when they're just tooooooo lazy to fix the timetable to fit all the subjects.

Will start applying in May,hopefully. Kalau ada sesiapa yang sudi offer placement for finance student internship & take me permanently,im up for it! Just holaaa me. =)

I really dont have anything to blog about. So here's for now.

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