Proposal FYP

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Event when smoothly as silk!

Done with seniors sympo. Its time to concentrate on my own FYP. Its in 2 weeks.

Pre- Bachelor of Finance Symposium

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Finally, here i am. Being in my senior year. Busy macam orang gila nyanyuk dah sekarang. Everyday ada task and each n every one of them are overlapping. Gotta put a side activity men'dating. Seminggu jumpa 2 or 3 times is good enough already.

Just had our pre-sympo photoshoot for montage video. Para jejaka lembap sangat bersiap. So we gurls took the time to make our own photoshoot. Excited teruja memasing because not everyday we get to use executive attire during study session.

Tema B.O.F tahun ni is black + white + blue.

When our fight end,im so so gonna miss these gurls.
Bachelor of Finance Symposium is in a week. Doakan kejayaan kami untuk melancarkan majlis nanti. Ill be presenting my Final Year Project on the 5th(2 weeks time).Work still in progress.

P/s : UNITEN gila. Takk pepasal aku kene extend sebab next sem no subject offered for me.

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