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Assalammualaikum & hello!

Ahhh,its good to be back. Maafin dong! I have been away for almost 3 months. Yeahh, Busy hokayy?!

Here's just a short recap of what i have been doing.
Ada pulak orang yang pedulik apa aku buat.Ehh? =D


Last post was somewhere in August,after my internship interview. Haaaa, just for the record. I am no longer a STUDENT. Yeayyy me!

Back in August.

I started focusing on my final year project paper. Mannn,it was no joke. I took things not so serious at first. Sebab,bajet my informations would all be provided by Bursa Malaysia.  They did provide me the informations i asked. Fast & efficient. But the tough part comes when i had to run all my data and it turns to be there is no significant relationship. Dalam kata manusia biasa, my research was irrelevant. WHATTTT????

Hambikk,lepas tu ke hulu ke hilir bawak laptop. Make advisor appoinment. Bertapa bilik Madam for hours. Redo. Redo. Redo. Redo sampai tahap formula coding untuk masuk dalam software pun boleh hafal. For all i know, there left only 3 days till the major presentation and yet,i have nothing to present.

Last-last, solution popped. Cerita pun,bukan korang paham. Hehhh. Soooo...*skip skip skip*..2 days before presentations,started preparing slides. berdoa n berharap untuk tidak kene bash masa Q&A. Harapan tinggal harapan. I got bashed pretty bad. Kalau hati tak kental, ada possibility untuk menangis. Haaa,pedulikan tentang malu. Kalau dah kene bash dengan 2 lecturers yang macam singa lapar,who has time to think pasal audience.

But i made it. Yes,i did. My thesis report is published and it's sitting in the library shelf by the time i'm posting this up. =D

Done with major presentation,tinggal seminggu pulak nak prepare for FINALS. 

With all the time i have spend on project paper, i have to admit i did not prepare well for finals. 6 subjects. 2 je calculations. Lain semua membaca. And membaca bukan sebarang hafal. Siap kene hafal previous studies on specific chapters. Oh,lecturer's tips wasn't really helpfull.

Went thru finals like all the other students. Results was out this morning,syukur. Alhamdullilah. First time,in 5 years, i shed tears bila nampak result. It wasn't bad. It was beyond expectations. Macam nak balik Muadzam cium kiri kanan lecturers semester lepas.

Semester break is about to end,so that means i will be starting my internship on Monday as a Finance Admin trainee. 2 months. Let's suck it up,and do the best. Mintak-mintak dapat diserap terus as permanent.=D

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