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11 days since we all entered 2012, baru sekarang aku tergerak nak update blog. Not to late to wish everyone a hay hay hay happy 2012 right.

Maaf ! I was busy for 2 weeks with a very little gap in between for my finals. My prediction says I might be getting 1 A , 2 B & 1 C/D. Yeah, teruk kan my prediction. Tak pe lah. I worked hard for it. The least I could hope for is to at least pass with no failing & repeating paper. Azab tau kalau kene jumpa lecturer yang sama untuk paper yang sama. Bosan !

Now is semester break. I was given the option by Uniten tersayang to either continue in Feb or continue & have my little 3 months break. Difikir2, baek aku continue jer. I am so far left behind. Why would I wanna take more breaks & grad lambat. More breaks = lambat habes = lambat kawen *ceyhh, dah gatal benor!* Hahahha...

Its boring to tell outdated stories. So scratch the past.

Semester break ; my aim ~
  • loose a little weight
  • reduce the size of my tummy
  • get into 'M'
  • belaja makeup (basics would do)
  • shop for more decent t-shirt
Haaaa...aiming for the-not-so-hard to get only. Kalau yang ni pun tak dapat buat in 3 weeks, i better jump  down Ilmiah.

Owh,next sem will be getting a new housemate. The current housemate that remains is my dearly roomie, Kak Yana & next door neighbour, Nadia. Kak Zainab will no longer be in Uniten, so Aimi is filling her spot. Hopefully we would get a long well. Nahhh, not that well, but good enough that we greet each other when we meet at the hall way.

K lah. That's all for now i guess. More in the next next next upcoming i-dont-know-when entry.

p/s : I shoudn't compare.What I have is what i deserve & I know Im getting the best.

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