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Arghh..It been a long long time snce i last blogged.Looking at my post,my last post was during my early week of the semester.Its already almost the end of Semester 1 2012/2013.Oh my,what an intro!

Assalamualaikum dearest.
I really hope each and every one of u are doing fine and better each day.Its still the month of Syawal,so Selamat Hari Raya i wish to all of u.Andai ada tersalah kata,makan,minum,pakai,amik,gune and etc. mohon dimaafkan ye.Im truly sorry if i had intentionally hurt anyones feelings throughout the year.  

Speaking of Raya,i had a fine one this year.But Raya isn't much of a Raya since the family isn't complete. Yeahh,Papa wasn't around for this years Raya.Family orang lain seronok je gather ramai2 and have the last day of berbuka together. Eyhh,nak buat macam mana kan.Tak elok grumble.Its isn't Papa wish either to be far from the family during the major event according to the Islamic calender aite.

How ya'll preparation went in welcoming Syawal?Mine was very very much simple this year.Cukup la tu setakat baju kurung sepasang with a pair of slippers.Other things in the list,can wait.Tahap kestabilan kewangan seem to be a little down these few months.Money matters keep coming on n off.Cik Abg with his family n economy crisis,me with mine.Its really annoying but i tried to peace myself by thinking,Raya should always be in modesty.Positively calming myself.There would always be a next time to shop till i drop eyy.

Oh yes.Have i told ya'll that i have officially cheated on my W705 after being loyal for almost 3 years?Nek Han sendiri came out with the theory where in relationship,stepping into the 3rd year will always be a crisis.Hehehe.I was just implementing them.Sorry W705,i just find that N303 is better.Ada jodoh,kita bertemu lagi ok.

My writting ideas suddenly came to drained.Macam-macam nak tulis.But i have to put my word right on line.Shall draft them first before posting.Finals is in 4days,many many many things to read.Should start revising already.No time to play.

GTG.Will post more again next time. Bye!

p/s : There's always a limit to everything.Trust,promises,loyalty,understanding and betrayed.

Raya,oh Raya!

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