In a way there's differences in us

Heyy you'll..wassup wassup..wat have u guys been up to?Me?? Noting much actually...laze around kat rumah..makan ..tido..on9...that's all about it...well,im not here to talk bout what im doing at home..instead...just wanna share sumting...its a video actually...

*play to watch the video aitee..* korang paham tak the message yang cuba di sampaikan oleh speaker di atas..its Anwar Hadi by the way kalau ader yang tak kenal lagi..he's kindda the current hot vlogger in youtube...check him out in his youtube account for more of his videos...=)

Kita masing2 ada taste..u may say he's cute,but i'll say he's one ugly guy...u may like kari,n i love soup...u love korea but i like local malaysian cerekarama..huhhh..c da differencess??? kita sama2 manusia,so we have got our own liking and doesn't matter if ur from kampung or bandar..from malaysia or london or china...its all about the taste and liking...u like what u like..n other will keep liking what other like...

Arini ader pertandingan Raja Lawak pusingan AKHIR...yeappp its at the end of its season already...naaahhh,i dont follow the competition always but i do know a little bit of this n that bout the game...the result to the competition was :
2nd runner up
3rd placing 

Congrates to them...=)
K lahh..nk tido dahhh...nuniteee peepsss....

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