Afrika mari !

Entry malas !

Just wanna say Im home. Yeah, home as in home HOME.

Its study week and being home isn't something i usually do. Came back to celebrate X'mas with the family & Papa's home. Bonus okay !

Papa isn't always around. So tak salah kowt if i'm back for the week.

Practically waiting for Mummy to be back from the saloon & shoot to Aunty Sharon's house for family dinner. Sharp 12am shall begine the exchage present session. *cough* Apa agaknye would the elderly give me this year. Hehhh.

Oh, not to forget the actual purpose for this entry malas. Just wanna share some souvenirs Papa brought back from Afrika.

Gift 1 : Animal key chain

Papa got them for Cik Abg too. Silalah kembang Cik Abg ku sayang, father-in-law to be remembers of u too. Hhehehe. Supposely, sorang dapat 1 jer..tapi aku sebagai kakak yang tamak, tanpa sengaja cilok xtra 1 for myself. Hhaha. Collection lah derr.

Which one is for Cik Abg? Ermmm, undecided yet. Nak suruh dier pilih either the zebra or the elephant. High possibility that i'll be giving him the elephant. Cos i like to samakan my size with the gajah. Biar dier tgk gajah ni,nmpk bayang2 aku selalu. *aku sedar aku BESAR*

Gift 2 : Minyak otak Brain fuel

Yes ! Otak pun perlukan minyak pelincir ye wahai sahabat sekalian. I don't know how far this thing is gonna work on me. Cos the last time Papa bought me suplement for the brain, it does make me more concentrate & unforgetfull, but it also increase my eating appetite. Hahahha. Harus ke aku salahkan ubat for my eating habbits?

Oh, Im suppose to take this twice a day. Its to make me less sleepy, less forgetful, less daydreaming *mcm tau2 je papa ni*, reduce stress & improve memory loss. APAKAH?? Banyak betol kebaikan ubat ni. The pamphlet that comes with it states so. True or not, kite tunggu je lah nanti yer.

I would really like to elobrate more bout this med, but i have to hang the washed cloths before going out in a while. Next entry would be my X'mas gift. Itu pun kalau ada. Kalau takde, entry bout this year X'mas je lah yerr.

Till next entry.

p/s : My instinct says that my pointer is gonna drop so so much. HELP !
2(p/s)  : Happy 14 months Cik Abg.

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runnitaf said...

Waahhh..nyce keychains..hehee..imported dr jauh tu..^_^

and brain food? >.<" 4flat lah akak lps nie..huhuhu..insyaAllah..:D

k.sara said...

Hehhehe..yang gajah tu siap ader bentuk bontot at the back of it... sangat memerli akk...hehhe...

4flat??Amin ! Insy'Allah... ehehhe...

runnitaf said...

waaahh..^_^ ade backside ag? hahaha..rjin btul org yg buat keychain tu..akak bg jew kt bf akak tu..instead of dy perli akak..akak pulak perli him..hehe..


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