First time for everything

Semester break has been nice to me,so far. I know i have been whining in twitter how depressed i am being broke during breaks.But heyy,good things do come.We'll just have to wait.

Speaking of trying new things.I tried something very very new.Something i never thought i would even try.I skated!

Had a lovely girls time out with dear bestie from high skul,Mel n her sista,Nadia. A'haaaa,not forgetting accompanied us was my forever never ending following me everywhere little brother,Aiman n Nadia's bf,Asrul.

We headed to Royale Ice Skating Rink at 1sumting.Got our butts into the rink after all geared up.Truth to be told,the first 20minutes was a lot like cold hell.I dont know how to skate.What's worst was i dont know how to balance myself.I felt like a retarded penguin for the whole 2 hours i was in the rink.Penguin that moves sides ways instead on forward to be exact.

Despite of all the torture,i sure did have fun.Laughing at each other fall.Being taught by 2 small kids on how to balance ourselve.Arghhh,word cant describe how i felt today. Shall end my very not so interesting post with some pictures.

p/s : gonna wake up with a very bad back n buttock pain tomorrow morning.
p/s: She's making me wear pink on her E-day. =.="

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