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I have been keeping this things to myself. I look into every aspect i should so i wont hurt anybody in any way.But it seems like i shouldn't keep it to myself anymore. Orang cakap,kalau buat sesuatu u don't have to show off. Cause if u did,it's like u tak ikhlas. But these days,kalau simpan sorang2,orang xtau what we have done,they would accuse us for sumthing we didn't do.And its not FAIR!

Sometime ago,i decided to leave Mr.N and from that day onward i swear to never take notice of his existence. He was a serious pain in the butt and i wasn't interested to take note of his problems since i had enough. Years have past and somehow,GOD is great. He turns out to be with a good friend of mine.

See,i could just tell my friend the truth about who she is dating with if i was so BUSUK HATI. But no,i love my friendship. I suck it up since i am seeing my friend being happy. Siapa tak suka kawan seronok,happy hati bunga2 right? I have been keeping this matter for almost 2 months now.Untill he hurts my friend,i will just sit back and watch.

I ain't no angle,but i sure am no relationship breaker!

Secondly, i have been noticing some things i shouldn't know. Well,if orang dah buat salah terang terang depan mata, & its wrong,i believe i should show a little concern. But again,hell no. I told my self, i dont know what was really going on.I am not them.I am not in their story.So why bother.

Those who knows me well enough would know i HATE gossips. Yes,i do. U can ask me anything about artist,politics,or even my friends latest updates..i'll end up saying.."oh,ye ke?" macam tu eh? ohhhhhh"...some sort like rumie would come to me telling me about artist gossip on magazines or online web she reads to keep me updated. Yes,i am noob to that extend.

I don't take note to things that doesn't involve me. If that matters doesn't effect me in any way,i wouldn't bother to even menyibuk to know.Grandma always say i have this 'tak apa' attitude,and its bad. I don't see why & how. My princip, orang tak kacau aku,aku tak kacau orang. Full stop.

Back to what i was saying,i knew things have been going wrong from the start but i didn't say anything. Sini kawan,sana pun kawan. Ini hal between the both of u, why should i butt in.There's differences between me stalking your profile and spreading news with someone else having my account to stalk you. Big differences! 

So before u accuse or making assumption that I am being a stalker on your social network or busybody butting into your problems,do check if it was really me. Banyak lagi kerja berfaedah i can do besides being an unpaid stalker.

By the way, i am pretty sure you know what you're doing.  Pokok tak kan bergoyang kalau xde angin. Don't be so dumb to pin point on others if it was you yourself who made things obvious. I wish you all the best in life. I am no one to give you advice,me myself pun tunggang langgang.

So again,think before you talk. Think before you assume. Think before you do anything at all.Karma will sure to hit you back.Allah bayar cash sekarang ni. Ingat,dosa buat mak nangis. It doesn't matter if its your mum or mak org lain.

p/s : lets take things slow. terlalu banyak contoh and it is scary.

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