Dearest Darling

4.39am according to the clock on my desktop. Im up already. Bukan semangat nak pegi class, tapi aku terjaga dari tido. Mimpi buruk. *SHIT*


Earlier today, just before I went to bed I was quite in my moodiest mood I have ever put on. Maaf, I was just frustrated. Ter'emo sebab some plan just didn't went my way. I lost control of myself. Tak pepasal, I treated Cik Abg badly.

I can have anger issues at times. Tapi bila dah chill & mampu pikir dengan rational, I laugh myself at the mirror for acting macam orang xder akal. Sekarang ni rasa macam nak hempuk pale dengan periuk multicooker. Additional to the dream I just had. OMGEEEE. Its making me feel super duper guilty.

We're having silly arguments lately. Im sorry. I really am. I mean well. U start or I start, it doesn't matter. We're both wrong. Sebab, cara kita tegur sesame sendiri agak sarcastic & annoying i guess. In the end, kite makan hati. Kecik hati. Tersentap.

Even with all these arguments, please know that it makes me love u more everyday. Yes! I mean it. I don't express them as much and often as I should, but i really hope u know how much I feel of u in me. I can never be the person I am today without u.

You mean a lot to me.What would my day be without u in it. Seriusly. After having the nightmare, I am feeling extreme guilty for acting harsh and mean to u. There's not a day I wish to leave without u okay. Mind that.

Yer, setiap manusia tidak terlepas dengan kematian. But if u were to go, please make it on the right time. Not now. Im really not ready to let u go at the moment. There's just so many things I wish to do with u. Its all in the to-do list, waiting for the right and appropriate time.

Thank you so so so much for coming into the world and coming into my life. You made me who I am today. Thank you for being the man that :
  • Would support me in everything I do
  • Inspire and motivate me to study and revise till I score the result I never though I could
  • Driving me everywhere I need & want to be
  • Treating me like a Queen, even without providing me a Golden Palace
  • Advise me for all the inappropriate behavings
  • Deal with my childishness & temper tantrum
  • Being with me no matter day or night to keep me feel safe
  • Lending me the shoulder to cry on
  • Hearing me grumble on unnecessary things
  • Making sure that I have just the best than anyone could give me
I could list all day long. There just so many things u did. And without this, how could I go on my day without u around. See, how important you are to me. 

On this special day;

Im wishing you all the best in whatever u do. Ma doakan, Pa panjang umur, dimurahkan rezeki. Setahun bertambah pada umor, hopefully it makes u a man with a wiser wisdom. Do know, that with all the ego'ness I show, I still love u more than u could ever imagine. Treat me like a Queen, and Ill treat U like a King. That's my promise. 
Happy 27th Birthday, Darling!
Your best years are still ahead of u. And I'll be here, accompanying you through all the up down an in between of those coming years. Janji okay. And u promise me that u'll take good care of yourself .

Im excited to meet u later in the afternoon. We'll have a great time together okay. Tak sabar nak hand over ur little gift. Its nothing much. Fancy stuff are out of my budget. Sorry. Its all I could afford,for now. Dah keje nanti, ma kumpul duet beli Evo yang Pa nak tu k. Insya'Allah.

P/S : FSA yang murdering + Quizzes on the way to arrive. =.='

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runnitaf said...

dun be sad, kak sara..:)

yes, sometimes arguments can make us realized that if we still care to make things right, then it shows that we still care and love that person..

k.sara said...

huhu..yeap,we realise we love/like sumting when its tersentap tersebak sbntar bler mimpi bukan2 mcm tu..huhuh...

btl..klu tak gaduh,mcm mner nak knl each other..better gaduh now dari gaduh after an an...

runnitaf said...

yeah2..hihihi..hrp2 if da tahu perangai, later wen da married..boleh la avoid gaduh2 gaduh2 manja takpe..hehee..>.<"

kak rindu sgt tu..sbb tu smpai termimpi2..


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