8 weeks


Internship has ended.
8 weeks.
Laju. Sangat laju.
I'll have to say, it was no ordinary experience i gain from the respective training organization i signed up with.

8 weeks.
It wasn't enough for me to cover everything i needed to know about the real business world.
What-da-ya expect? Belajar 5 tahun ok,takkan lah boleh cover in 8 weeks.

I have to say thank you to my supervisor.
We don't talk much. Mungkin sebab enjin tak panas lagi.
But thank you for sharing all the knowledge u had.
Software application. Account receivable. Account payable. Logistic. Sales.
You name it.

PUC Founder (MSC) Sdn. Bhd
Thank you for taking me in.

Its tanam anggur session now.
Hopefully i don't take to long to grow some grapes.
Hire me please. =D

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