100 points to loose weight

Kindda found sumting while browsing my FB. Posted by a friend of mine.

Haaa. Simple aite. Tapi benda simple gini lah yang susah nak ikowt. Kan? Kan? So how?

Point 1 & 2 tarak hal punya lah nak kasi settle. But for point 3. Erkkk. Macam susah je nak follow. Why? cos usually before sleep I would be doing either my tutorials or preparing a little sumting for the next day class. N yes, sambil buat kerjakerja yang disebut,I'll be munching & chewing something.

Sadiss ! I cant help myself, macam mana nak mintak orang laen tolong aku. BOO!

p/s : I tend to have midnight snack. Cik Abg cakap, lepas kawen he would lock the kitchen after 9pm. Hahahah.Bagus jugak gitu kan. Sayang dapur Ilmiah xder pintu nak kunci2 to avoid me from sneaking & finding sumting to munch.

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