First and foremost,

Its been some time since I last made an entry about OUR monthly-anniversary. Jangankan monthly-anniversary, OUR a year anniversary pun I didnt post anything. So here's something I hope could cover up my outdated entry. Sorry again.

Last month was OUR anniversary. Yeap it was. Its amazing how time flies. It felt like we just met lately. Seriously, tak tipu. Why? Because we have just so much things to fight about. Its the getting to know session, what u expect. HARUSLAH gaduh. Tak mungkin 2 manusia boleh get along with no different opinions in live. And yes, people says a girl and a boy sees things in different ways. Its the GENDER thing.


Here I am. Typing out this entry to wish him a blessed 13th month. I thank GOD so so much for giving me the chance to meet a wonderful person like Cik Abg. He may not be rich, may not be handsome, may not be updated to the latest enviroment, he may be slow in certain things, he may also not be the person a friend would want to befriend with for his sharp tongue.

But to me, none of those above really matter. Really.

He is who he is I met a year ago. I dont need him to neither shower me with expensive gift always nor bring me to all the nice places for sigh-seeing. Im not saying money is not important. Tapi kalau harta yang ader, cukup makan pakai & a little for side expenses, what is there to ask more? With what he is making for a living, I could swear, He's giving me the best.

His sharp tongue? Trust me. There are times I get hurt with what he says to me. I do shed my tears when I really cant stand with what he says. But truth hurts doesn't it. I dont need him to praise me when Im ugly*i do have bad dressing issue at times* and say something sweet when he knows my cooking is bad. Lies are pretty though. And despite all this, I could tell him almost anything.

When time gets rough, I know i could turn to him. His shoulders, ears & heart is always there for me when im in need. He's the one person I could tell almost everything. Percaya atau tidak. My parents couldnt even make me to study as well as im doing these days. Iyerrr, family first. But Cita & Cinta should get along too right. Baru seimbang.

With all the effort he puts in to make me happy, I can see that he's sincere. We even fought about his effort to keep me safe & healthy. Ada masa, bila dier terlampau baik I would feel guilty. Guilty for troubling him. My parent taught me to never MENYUSAHKAN orang. Dan disebabkan perasaan guilty ni pun kami boleh gaduh. Auwwww. Sweet tak? Hhahah.

Ill have to admit. He's the best sweetest nicest boy I've ever met. I could write up the blog post about all his kindest, but I really have to stop now. QNTB midterm is clicking the clock. Really have to score well klu mengidam nak dapat A.

Wish me luck ye. Gud luck to my girlfriends too. Ayuh kite bersiap untuk ke medan perang.


p/s :Ramai yang suruh pulang weeknd ni. Rindu yeeee..HAHAH.

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runnitaf said...

woah, sharp tongue? it can kill me..heheh..jkjk..>.<

so sweet..saya respectlah akak..cuz most guls are branded type..sume nak update..but reali, hidup bersederhana is the best! this is wat my parents taught me..:)

k.sara said...

haha..kannn kann...mmg lah sape tak suke dpt brg branded end of the day,even brg branded can get spoilt. Baek beli yang murah n sedap pakai. klu rosak pun,xder rse beban sgt nak rplace dem..heee...


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