Double dose

Hey ya'll. Wssup !

Owhh, Im here in the middle of week 7 baru nak update pasal week 6. Cerita pun dah basi. It was my so-called 'midterm' due to burfday Sultan Pahang & Diwali celebration. So balik KL memang I would seldom b online. Y? Cos ill be stuck for hours in front the TV. Dari celik mata, sampailah kepala mintak bantal. Hahhh.

Holidays was rather okay than boring I would say. It did past by fast though. The last few days Cik Abg did spend his weekend in KL. With the few days down there pun boley overspend. Hahah. Nampak sangat cash outflow in KL is very very high.

So here I am.

Tiring week is warming up its engine. I could feel its vibrant already. This week was just like the other weeks I had before. But the work loads Im getting is no more the same. Nak masuk second half of the semester dah pun.

Assignments are pilling ; subject Psycho dah dapat task. Im suppose to conduct a psycho test to 50 respondent. Dah bwat test, nak kene analyst the result. So sape nak volunteer jadi my psycho respondent? Anyone?

Test and quizzes are taking turns each week ; next wednesday(9/11) Ill have my first FSA quiz. 15 ratio formula needed to be memorized since lovely lecturer is not providing formula sheet. Coming tuesday(29/11) will be having Psycho first quiz plak. Ni lagi macam haremmm. Lecturer tak ajr 1 benda pun & we all have to depend on her past class notes plus our classmates presentation.

Not forgetting, 25/11 Midterm QNTB will be held. Walaupun 2 chapter SAHAJA, Mdm dah mula takowt2kn kami by saying her past student ramai yang kantoi in midterm. Hurmmm. All the killing subjects are taking turn to 'kill' me. Ouwhhh. LWBB pun tak ketinggalan untuk memberi signal amaran Midterm which is in 2 weeks(17/11). Chapter 2 yang panjang tu will be prepared with 13 short essay question. *sighss*

Speaking of Qntb, I have already received my Test 1 result. Yeap,the 1 i had to sit before the "midterm' holidays. Result was so-so. I could have done better. I know I could. But how am I to grumble. My silly careless mistakes. Cik Abg said to be thankfull for what I got. Alhamdullilah jugak that I wasn't the one who scored the lowest in class. Tahniah to Cik Roomie cos she had the highest score in both her QNTB & FICB quiz 1. Caya lahhhh. Keep up okay Akak. 4 leper Sem ni. =)

With so much things going on, I cant possible take my butt home for Adha holidays. Many things to do in soooooo little time. Owhk lah. Should really stop crapping & start doing my work. Kene prepare for all the upcoming quizzes & test & midterms & assignments. Ni lah lumrah jadi student kann. Can't complain much.

Till next time.

p/s : Tiktoktiktok. Times running out.

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runnitaf said...

knowing that you're doin good pun dah ckup2 bagus..well, insyaAllah kak Sara pun boleh dapat 4 leper like cik roomie..huhu ^_^

sape tanak kan 4 leperrr..huhu..>.<


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