Back to square one

Im fine. Yes I am. Just some sort of kemalasan melanda during the semester break & ketiadaan idea untuk menaip if some of u might be wondering where did i go missing for awhile. Eceyywahhh, macam ramai pulak peminat kau yang baca crappy blog kau ni. Huhh.

As most of u can guess, my break has finally came to its end & Im practically in my 3rd last semester. Insya'Allah. Hopefully i have the guts to cramp my brains handling 8 subject for the next 2 semesters if I was to dream to finish by the end of this year. However, banyak pihak yang positively supporting me to finish my studies slow & steady. No rush kate nyer.

And yes ! That includes Cik Abg. Walaupun the eagerness to have to wait for me to finish up my studies is high,so kami boleh palu kompang reramai cepat2, he still wants me to finish my studies with excellent result. I am happy to say that Im doing so so much better now. I should consider going slow & steady still. Late by a sem wont make much different won't it.

Oh, i received my RM200 book voucher today. Phewwww. Glad that i made the effort to wake up extremely early for my morning class,which got canceled by the way. I was the first for my course to be in the audi lobby. Bangga sekejap.

When back home no.2 on Sunday. Had dinner there since I was gone for 3 weeks. Mak has been asking about me while I was gone. "Rindu ye mak ye?" Hehehe.

Some good news i received these week. Good enough to make me see a brighter future. Ceyhh. Berangan je lebih kau ni. Next post ill story. Promise. Tuntut gulagula 20sen if i dint post any by end of this week okay. Deal !

Almost done with the first week academic week. That's just how time is gonna fly. Very fast. Its gonna b the end of semester before I realize the piling of work loads Im gonna have to got thru. Ngehhh.

K lahhh. GTG. Got some other things needed to be done. Till next post.

p/s : even to the tiniest changes I make, he realizes them. And that's what's special quality I see in him. ILY.

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runnitaf said...

ILYT sis..hihi..:)

Ahha..betul2..balik je cuti, wlupun got pleennntyyyyy of time, tataw nak tulis ape. -____-"

k.sara said...

ILYT lahhh..hehhe..

Kannnn..u have the same prob tooo. Too much tyme to not have tyme to write something shirt to. HEHEEHE...=)


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