Twice in 4days

Salam & hello people.

How your days have gone since my last post? Its been a week right. Gilak laju time flies nowadays. Its good. Well,it a yes for me. Lagi cepat, lagi bagus. If u know what I mean. *cough* ehemmmmm. >.<

Back to the topic.

I have been going to Segamat twice for the past 4days. Errkkk. Yeah ! I know. Whoever knows what & where Segamat is would be like "Apelah budak ni pegi Segamat for. Bukan ader mall ke wayang ke hape ! " Ceyyhh. Kau ingat Segamat tu xder pape? At least it has something Muadzam doesn't have tau.

Nak emo pulak ttbe aku ni. Hahhaha.

When there twice with 2 BIG reasons. Ce try teka. Kak roomie tak payah teka, cos u know why i went there for. Hehehhe.

Reason 1 : KWSP

Went there last Friday. Made a short trip to the KWSP Segamat branch to check on some peoples account. And guess what. The some people i mention, they were a few natives of Mudzam .Haaaaa. Awesome ke tak. Korang ader nak dekat dengan orang asli Malaysia ni? Tak de kann. Scored !

One thing I can say about them was, they are very shy people. Seriously ! Tak tipu. They are very afraid of us normal people. Brought them to the KWSP office, the refuse to get in by them self. Sanggup tunggu me and Cik abg to get in and talk to the officer first. Lupa nak inform. These people actually works for Cik Abg. He's considered like their supervisor or something in the plantation.

Baik kan Cik Abg aku. Sanggup korbankan cuti untuk bawak ank2 buah all the way to segamat. That is why they like him I guess. Sila tahu saya sangat cemburu dengan orang asli ni. Why? Because they gets his attention more than me. Boleh gitu? Hahahaha.

Later on, we brought them to the restaurant near by to have lunch. Gila pemalu,sampai sanggup tak nak makan. They were afraid with the people looking at them macam nak makan orang. Yeah, pelik betol rakyat Malaysia ni. U see something weird, and u stare till ur eyeballs nak tersembul keluar. Didn't ur mama teach u not to stare. Kesian mereka ni tau.

Nak tak nak. Cik Abg bungkuskan nasik bungkus for them. Put them at the roadside to eat. Oh, dah macam picnic pun ader tau. Hahahaha. While waiting for them to eat their lunch, me n Cik Abg went to the nearby tyre shop to have the car tyre fix.

Headed back after we were done for the day. It was a great experience walking and talking with the native. Of cos, at first they were shy and afraid of me to. Engine dah warm up. They could smile at me. Its a progress.

Reason 2 : Shoe

Oh, yang ni ! Went there yesterday(Monday). It was a last minute plan. Cik Abg texted me at 6.30pm and I was still in class. He needs a proper shoe for his work. Ader kene jumpa sape ntah and he has to look decent.  He told me not to follow if i was tired. But hell no, im going to let him drive all the way there by him self.

After class, balik rumah pack my hand bag and made maggie goreng. My monday timetable is freakingly packed this semester. Nak makan pun kene curik2 masa. Waited for Cik Abg. And yes, I went to Segamat with my formal attire. Hahaha. Tak menyempat nak bertukar.

Sampai segamat at about 8pm. I let Cik Abg do the picking and said no word. My taste and his are way way way far. I like men with just plain balck shiny shoe, but he likes shoe with the stiching design. Before kami gaduh about shoes, baek aku berdiam diri. Angguk je when he points a shoe n ask if its nice.

Took almost an hour to find his shoe. Sangat sangat choosy. Cerewet mengalahkan perempuan. Hahaha. At least he found his shoe. Had dinner near the higway and headed back home. I was all quiet in the car. By that time, i could just dose off to dreamland. Tapi harus bertahan. Have to stay awake n watch Cik abg drive. Hehhh.

Sampai hostel, cuci muka & there I was. Laying on the bed. Less than 5 mnts i guess, I was happily in dreamland. Yeaayyy !

Objective of post has been told. Till next post. Bye.

p/s : Bajet gonna be tight starting next month.

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runnitaf said... life is good..:)

Wahhh..saya tahu..akak nk cepat kahwin kan? hihihi..^_^

Segamat..hmm..i noe dat place..kat Felda Selanchar ade kubur arwah..:)

Baiknyeee ur cik Abg..hehe..memories meeting those ppl..^_^

k.sara said...

Good semester,life should be good...=)

Hhahaha..duet xder,xley nak kawen..huhuh..hnya mmpu berangan for now..>.<

Oh, Selancar..been there once...amik pekerja indon..huhu..

Haaaaa..mmg baek sgt kann...cemburu habes ni..pekerja dpt more attntion dr akk..hehehe...

runnitaf said...

hahaha..yeah..mestilah cemburu..kekasih hati kan? hehe..^_^

itulah..kalau ada duit, semua pun dah boleh kawen..huhu..>.<


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