Buruk siku !

Woke up today with the only plan scheduled. Type out a post i promised. Ade ke yang excited sesame nak share the good news i stated in my previous post? Macam xder jer. Bukan macam, tapi memang takde. Duhhh !

Owhk lah. Straight to the point saje.

Last week, i received a text from Cik Abg. He says that he MIGHT get an upgrade. Yeah, naik pangkat/ changed of working position. This is all due to the changes in management. Sila tau, his working management sangat lah pelik. In some areas, I dont really agree with the management too. Eceywahh, macam kau dah keje nak kasi opinion. WTV !

Oh, he was assigned to be the assistant  HEP. It means, he is more toward the office work load compared to the plantation work. I suppose that was a good change since he has been in the field for almost 7 years. Its about time he start to learn something new. Bosan okayy kalau sampai ke tua buat keje yang sama.

But the grass is not always green.

Cik Abg texted me this morning saying that the position promised to him was given to someone else. YES ! Im upset. Like I told earlier. The management in his work place is GILER xsystematic.

It is quiet frustrating to know something which was promised to be yours ends up to be for someone else. I feel sorry for Cik Abg. I dont know if he is frustrated or not, but im sure his alittle bit sad since he has already started learning a little about his new work.

Setiap yang berlaku, pasti ade hikmahnyer. God has already set some plans for him. Something much better perhaps. Insya'Allah.

By the way, Cik Abg went for a pay upgrade test last thursday. Hopefully he did well there. He could use some good news.

p/s : when you live together, you should be taking care of each other. Not taking advantage.

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runnitaf said...

Sorry to hear that..:( bukan life dat is no fair..it's the ppl in it.
I'm sure there's a hikmah, lyke u said..insyaAllah..:)

hehe..u r so sweet la akak, u will be his gud wife later on~ heee

Nurul Amalina Zainan said...

salam dear. :) nak try herbalife ye? add facebook akak ye? akak boleh explain more kat fb ye?

k.sara said...

Yeahhh..he was posted to be a penyelaras dokumentasi pekerja. Sounds like a scretary job. Tak kesah lah ape jawatan Cik Abg pun, asa long as his happy with his work,im happy for him too..=)

Hehheeee..Insya'Allah. Amin. Will try to be the best for him..=)


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