After being constantly persuaded my Cik Hannot, I might MIGHT might try out the blackberry phone. Dah tiga tahun setia pada Abg Sony, its about time to change since the battery is starting to give problem. The sliding spring pun dah 2 kali buat hal. Nak salahkan phone, padahal sendiri tak reti jaga barang.

Did a little surveying for the phone model. Im kindda blur with the models. It all seems to look almost a like to me. Bold & Curve macam sebijik jer bentuk dier. Yang beze is their slim'ness. And of cos, the Torch is one of its kind lah.

Done with the model surveying part already. Tinggal nak save duet untuk beli jer lepas ni. Which model? Huhhh, that one tunggu lah after i get it I tell okayyyy. Tak surprise lahh kalau bgtau awal2 kannn. Bikin excited sikit.

Later on, I went thru all the BIS plan info I can get. Perghhhh ! Rabak poket kalau nak tetiap bulan credit kene potong for their plans. So far yang I have found out by myself is Maxis offers RM28/month with 100MB BIS sosial plan. Celcom pulak offer RM25/month with 250MB BIS Plan. Celcom seems to be much cheaper, tapi takkan lahh aku nak tukar no semata2 untuk BIS plan.

Ni baru BIS plan, blom include my expenses for SMS & calling. =.="

So anyone have a better offer to offer me on the BIS plan? Do correct me if I'm wrong on the BIS plan i have already surveyed too yea ! TQ. >.<

p/s : He said himself that his new job is pretty much making me more 'terabai'. Auwww. Suwittt plak biler terpikir.

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yana d'zone said...

wuiyo layout baru...cantik!! nampak remaja=)

k.sara said...

hhahah...time kasih kakanda...=)

runnitaf said...

yes2! betul tu..template nmpk sgt fresh! hehe..:D

akak wanna use bb..wahh..*gulp* hehe..^_^

k.sara said... process of keeping & saving kachingsss..hehhe...


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