hilang sekilo, gain double kilo !

Howdieee awesome people.

Nothing much to say actually. Im currently exam free. Yeah,exam free pun malas nak update bloggie kannnn.

Started a new hobby lately. Ce teka ape.


I have been making jogging as an evening routine. Cik Hannot menjadi sumber motivasi & peneman untuk sesi workout. Apa boleh buat ! I finally came to my sense that I am BIG. I have a turkey size 'betis' & the size of baby elephant leg for my 'peha'. Please. Don't bayangkan ! It's UGLY. Talking about food. I have been controlling my diet. Melampau if I say i don't eat at all. I control by NOT taking rice at all. Alhamdullilah. Aku masih mampu bertahan. Tahan nafsu. Tahan godaan. Today,genap seminggu I have not been taking rice at all.

Hopefully these way I could reduce at least a little of what I have on me now. Trying not to depend so much on slimming pills and other weight loss shortcuts. Bukan its not efective, but it just doesn't work on me. Im lack of discipline. Berat tak timbang pun lagi. Minggu depan jumpa Mummy,shall hear what she says. If she does realize any size reduction on me. That means, my diet does work. HAHAH. Kalau dah diet cengini pun tak kurang2 jugak, i give up.

p/s : Draft finals dah keluar. I'll have a 2 weeks break. ^^

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