Manage to take care of them for about 4 weeks.
Bagi makan.Bermanja.Mandikan.Bergolek-golek atas katil.
They even pied on my bed & pillow.

But than,i guess i should just let them go.I have been busy these days sampai tak dapat nak prepare their meal before i leave home.I leave home at 8am,time tu cleaner tgh menyapu.I can't leave the food pot out cos she will just sweap them away.Dah 2 kali my kitty's water bowl kene sapu.By the time i get home at 4pm,anak-anak aku ni pun mesti kebulur.Even aku yang manusia ni pun perut buat okestra. =.='

Agaknya kucing pun pandai.Dia tahu mana nak carik makanan die.So yes,they are no longer hanging around my door step.They found a new 'mama'.Budak rumah bawah seem to like the kitty's.Oh,bagus lah.Feed them on time k.Love them!

Cik Abg cakap,cats are smart.They know where their food is.So i dont have to worry cos they will be back someday.Hurmmm.Sedih pulak this 2 days,bila bukak pintu both my kitty's are not around.Kalau x,both of them would run towards me everytime im at the stairs to welcome me home.Sedih!

He told me to get some other kittens.Yeah,memang banyak kucing dekat Ilmiah ni.The females are like kilang proses anak.Baru bersalin,dah bunting balik.But i dont think im gonna get close to any kitty's anymore. I get furious if i dont get to see them a day when im all too attached.Perasaan xsyok ah.

Nak sambung carik info for next week presentation.Chaou!

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runnitaf said...

Wah! new template! nice blog..huhu..gambar awesome! :D

catsss...:') I love catssss!!!


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