Procrastinate & stuck!

Salam & hello!

Im now done with week 3 for this semester.Walaupun im only occupied with 4 subject this semester,rasa macam busy amik 7 subject. Made myself all morning class,but i seem to be home only at 4pm these days.Padahal class dah lama end at 2pm.Lambat betul aku jalan!

Sekarang ni tengah serabut actually.Im in my 3rd last semester.*Insya'Allah* I have this subject which takes me 2 Semester to complete.Its either i do them(proposal) now & end(FYP) next sem or do the proposal next sem & the FYP the sem after that.

My problem right now is if i do it now,ill have 4 months to complete my FYP. But if I do them next sem,Ill only have 2 months to complete my FYP due to special short semester.Truth to be told, as a student we are fond of doing our task at the very last minute.But i dont dare to take the the risk of completing FYP in 2 months. Yes! 

Bab procrastinate aku lah ratu.Tapi ni FYP babe.Tak boleh di buat main.FYP not strong,not only can drop my CGPA to the ground cos its a 4 creadit hour subject, but also tak boleh gune FYP sebagai reference when i go searching for my practical.FYP is a form of work that would reflect my credibility.Do i sound serious?Well, I am.

Last day to  submit name of supervisor & topic of proposal is this Monday.Right now,the lecturer I aim to be my supervisor tengah 'berat hati' nak amik any student under her.Firstly because her research area is no where near to Finance.Secondly,she is mastered in questionaire data collecting.Panel seem to 'hentam' more on this kind of proposal.Madam takut if in case my panel would reject my proposal.That would waste a lot of both our (me & supervisor) time & bring too much of frustration.

Seram okayyy bila dengar from seniors,ada proposal yang kene reject by the panel.Could u imagine having ur work to be rejected after putting much effort in it?Tu satu hal,malu depan kawan-kawan presenter satu hal lagi.

Dengar madam pun macam 50-50 confidences level,i feel like giving up too.Ya,Allah!I sat by myself in an empty class to come up with this decision.I felt like crying at that moment.Tak tahu nak bertanya pada siapa,nak mintak pandangan. But no.Im not giving up.Madam tak confident,but ill try my very hard to come up with a topic that may relate her research area(takaful agent) to Finance.Kalau kene hentam dengan panel 1st August nanti,ill suck it up!

Where there's a will,there's a way.If anything happens during the completion time for my proposal,Ill take it as positive as  I can.Ill find my way to overcome any breakdown.Nak akhir-akhir tamat belaja ni,rasa macam seram sejuk je masuk class.I don't know why.Korang pun ada macam tu ke?

Next week onwards,Ill b busy.I have presentation & quizzes waiting in line already. Assignment date line to catch up.Mane nak revise ngan buat assignment.Arghhh,tak boleh grumble.Nak berjaya,kene berusaha.Nothing comes easy.Success don't come in short cut.

I could go on grumbling here.But i have got to stop now.Nak sambung carik relevent topic for proposal.Its almost 1am.Sementara semangat mencari masih ada,i better utilise them.Esok bangun pun xtau kul brape since its Friday & I dont have class.


P/s: Time susah baru nak ingat Tuhan.

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