Come back!

Dear earthlings!

How ya'll doing?Its been sometime since i last crap didn't i? Oh well! I have been busy with 'my thing' for the past 2 months.Like seriously.Quizzes visiting me every alternate days,plus midterm of 6 subjects.Than lecturer giving last minute class sebab beliau selalu cancel last and ended up not finishing syllabus.Belum campur assigments yang...teeettt....*sighhs*

Korang yang mendengar pun tahu how busy i sound like right?At times,i don't even get a proper sleep sebab termimpi-mimpi kerja yang tak siap.Can't really find time to blog.But i could find time to blogshop! Hahah.With all the tenses moment,even Cik Abg kene marah sebab i'm annoyed.Heheh.Ampun!

I have just ended my year 3 first semester already.Pheewww.Time flies. Next 2 semester,ill be even more busy. Next semester ada proposal presentation and the other semester other final year project.Which im suppose to present on my researched thesis.Terasa macam amik MASTERS pulak.Let's talk about that later ok.

For now,ill promise you to give a few entry thru out my holiday.Errrr,holiday ke? 0.o
Anyways,next entry i might write on my self rewarding wish list.Yeahhh,the once that i always do at the end of semester.If ya'll remembered,i promised to reward myself with a bag,n there i did.Mungkin kah semester ni pun aku boleh capai target?Insya'Allah.=)

p/s : Sambung cerita nanti.Ngantuk!

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