High school girlfriends

Year 2006

This is us.Being a typical school kid,zaman selekeh.How easy life was as a school kid. Nothing much to worry about. I would say,i misses school very much.In school takde nak buat assignments. Paling susah pun is school homework.Takde nak pop quizzez yang boleh downgrade end of semester results.See how easy school life was..? And most importantly,friends in school are more like family.Since Im from a girl school,we call ourselves sisters.We take care of each other.

Year 2012

Yes,it took us 5 years to finally meet up.Thanks to Facebook & Twitter! Had a little reunion with the girls. I was so so excited since Mel called me. Well,im the one who is not available most of the time.Susah nak buat appointment kate mereka. I blame Uniten for not giving me long semester break.Hahah.

See our changes?I bet u do. Kami sudah matang. And of course,i have bloated up into a HOWT balloon. Siu Sie & Mel manage to maintain their waistline & weight. Jelous boleh x? Sangat perlukan diet yang extreme.Anyways,meeting up after 5 years is sure indeed feel great.U know how it feels to find a lost treasure?Haaaa,thats how i felt. =)

We ate.We watched our first movie.We took pictures.Posed weirdly. Laughed hard. Storied our updates. We even planned for our future meetup again.Nak ke Redang mungkin!? Jom start saving dari sekarang. RM 10 a month kan kan kan. Cukup RM300,kite gerak!

Oh,before I forget.My darling friend,Siu Sie is a makeup artist. She does bridal makeup too.Her price? Reasonable lah weyhh. Kalau x,takkan mungkin I cop her awal2 to be my 'mak andam'. Her artwork may be viewed in her FB. She's nice and easy to deal with.As for Mel,she's a future psychiatrist. Sape ada masalah jiwa,boleh lah berjumpa die. Heheh. Eyyh,promote orang pulak kan. =)

Klah,dah panjang merapu ni.Gotta stop.

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yana d'zone said...

hello high school girl...comelnye awk :)

k.sara said...

Auwww.jgn lah...dh kembang dh ni..haaa...hehhee..

yana d'zone said...

dulu halus,hehehe

k.sara said...

Dulu lah halus.Dulu mkn plus ada kerja2 berat. skarg mkn,n tido..hahah...


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