Self rewarding wishlist.

Hye again!
Sorry.I lied.Was really sleepy a while ago,but now,im pretty much segar bungar.Haha.

Just like last semester,i have a few items in my wish list.Something i would like to give myself after studying,only I know how hard i put in my effort.=)

Item 1 : An mp3 player

Item 2 : A long-champ messenger bag.

Item 3 : Dr.Dre beats headphone(replica pun acceptable)

Item 4 : DKNY perfume collection

Item 5 : Nokia Asha 303

Arranged them ascendingly according to me result,lowest would probably be 2.90.Range them ikowt suka korang lah k.Heee.Praying real hard so can beg my parent for Asha.Omm nom nom.Maintaning my pointers would of cos be a priority.

p/s : 12 days.

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