Kursus Pra-Perkhawinan Siri 6/2012

How ya'll been doing? Just as i promised. Im gonna write up a little something i did on my previous weekend. Yeahh,its been 2 weeks now. Baru sekarang nak carik masa menaip! Was busy with whatever i was doing *sleeping/eating/watching movies*. To be exact,i was also waiting for my sijil to be printed out. Okay,ini hanya alasan. =)

Last 2 weekends,15th December 2012, i attended 1 out of so many syarat to build a masjid. Yeayy,getting married is a heck of tidies work to do. After attending the 2 days course,makin banyak pula benda nak kene tau. Especially the isi borang part. This might sound lame,but i just knew that nak kawen pun kene submit borang a week a head of date nak nikah for approval from Jabatan Agama Islam. Not forgetting all the valid documents needed to submit. Ni tak payah citer kot,nanti korang gie kursus tu ustad2,kadi2 tu akan explain in detail. >.<

So,here's me in day 1. Yeayyy! Yellowissh.

This was the hall we had to sit in from 8am - 5pm. Seating was given according to name list. So agak2 kalau name tu A,dapat lah duk depan. Mau nama Z,no choice but to seat at the back. Yes,since its a part of majlis agama,they put the males in front while the females at the back. Motif,ermmmm,lelaki pembimbing wanita. Cewahhh! Ayat xley belahh. Buat its true. =)

This was the program tentatives. Paling suke part makan. Hhahaha. Sedap tau! Nasi lemak,nasik minyak,ayam masak lemak cili padi,sambal belacan,ikan masin,fruits...the list just goes on...*meleleh air liur teringt balik the food they served us*.Each slot was only 1 hour. I dont think it was enough since penceramah pun masing2 macam banyak idea n benda nak share but they gotta cramp everything according to schedule.

Haaa,ni pulak Miera. She was my peneman secara kebetulan. I tought i was gonna be alone thru out the course,sebab most of my friend dah amik last semester.Cik roomie pun dh amik,2 kali pulak tu. Hahhaa. Oh,while im typing this entry. Rombongan meminang Cik Abg syg miera is in her home. Happy being booked babe! Tahun depan tunang, n the following year is nikah. Ahh,happy for u!

Here's me in day 2. Red + Peach. Im really bad at matching my tudung n my outfit. Main sbat tibai je. Asal tutup ape yang perlu. Hahahaha.

Day 2 went just as smooth as day 1. But the penutup was,erggghhh! Ade test ok. Im not sure if this is applicable to all states jabatan agama islam or what. Tapi jabatan agama islam pahang has a test before they end the course. 105 questions,consist of 11 parts. Haaa,nak jawab tu siap ade kertas OMR okayyyy! And the question paper tak boleh conteng,sebab kene pulangkan. Hurmmm,rasa mcm nak amik SPM pun ade.

Wallllaaaa! After 2 weeks,here's my sijil. Cik abg punya skali,he took the course with me. Both of us are now eligible to get married,despite so many more other paper work to fill. *sighhs* 

p/s ; Azam 2012 to attend kursus kawen has been acomplish. Azam 2013 to be engganged. Mampu ke terlaksana. >.<

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yana d'zone said...

Miera ke tu? Lain muka dia.


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