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Heard of message plus copy before?Yes?No?Maybe?
Well,in short let me just say that Maxis has been offering this service to their maxis telco users for sometime. And yes,i am 1 of those thousands that subscribed to it.

What it does? Basically,it copies almost all Ur received msg to another registered number that we picked. Like wise, i registered my messages to be copied to Cik Abg. So whenever anyone text's me,he will get 1 to. Oh,he does the same thing too.I get basically most of his messages to.Just to be fair of course.

Sound scary kan.Having to subscribe to this, was suppose to help us develop a deeper trust and make the insecure feeling go away,at first. See,he happens to have this bunch of 'ladies' texting and calling him last time.I dont thing i need to explain who this bunch of ladies are. Yes,he is a trustworthy man so he doesn't entertain those bunch of text from them.

Me,on the other hand, is a student. So of course,there will be people from the opposite sex in my class. Assignment group and so on. Im sure u get what i mean too.And those who really know me,im not the kind of person who actually talks to other boys,unless needed too.I pretty much try avoid talking to them. Keeping my self low from anyone's radar most of them time. Hhaha.

But lately,i think im gonna unsubscribe myself from this service. I dont know. Is it me who's being over sensitive when being asked or what else. Yes,he gets all the text that any of u text me. So sometimes,he gets misunderstood with the context of text he received because he cant see who sent those text. Example i shall give to make u understand yeaa.

Eg 1 :

*texting with my classmates*
Me : Harini gie class x?Awal or lambat?
Friend : Babe,i fetch u later for class k.Will text later.

Him : Ma,ma nak gie class dengan siapa tu?

And whenever i get text like that from him. Ill get angry so fast,darah muda mungkin. I dont know. I mean,i dont mind him asking. But the way he's asking making me look like a person who's gonna cheat on him.Eventhough niat dia was just to ask out of curiosity.I get irritated. Hurmm.

Eg 2 :
*Received text from roomate*
Roomate : Sayangku,balik bila?

*Tak sempat reply*
Him : Siapa panggil ma sayang tu?Hmmm..

Situation like this does happen. All because of the message plus thingy. Im not saing it not a good service. But i think its making us quarrel for no reason at times. What annoys me most is both of us hati batu,keras kepala. Dua2 taknak move n say sorry or something to confront to make things better when situation get tight.

In a day or two. I shall unsubscribe myself to that service.I cant leave on a relationship that keeps quarrelling all the time because of text misundertsanding. I cant!

p/s ; getting busy toward the final semester exam is a norm.tak paham,tak pe.don't need to be sarcastic. 

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yana d'zone said...

Message plus copy is like drugs. Asyikkk bangatt dapat pantau tapi kadang2 bole senget badan dengan "kesakitan" dia.


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