Kindda stealing some time out for this post.Gonna make a quick flash entry eyy!

Currently going crazy with my Final Year Project Paper proposal. Lets just say I don't really understand the concept n stuff of on what im doing.I keep changing my Project Paper topic when next Wednesday is where i should b all prepared to present and b questioned no matter what bomb shell i receive.

Journals coming from all sources making me even more confuse.

As u can see,i have 5 days left till my presentation day.It sounds far away,yet tolak makan minum tido,main2,curik2 masa online,class.*sighhsss*..i dont think i even have 48 hours to complete everything perfectly.

When things not going right,just the encouragement n spirit to help me cheer.

*read upwards*

Haihhh!Let's b positive. Kalau kene hentam Rabu ni,Insya'Allah that would be my motivation to do better in my real FYP next 2 semester. There's nothing impossible for me. Lets have faith on myself.

Gotta rush back into reality. Bye bloggie,hello journals!

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