Short-term VS Long-term

2 years ago.

Him : Ma,bila kite nak kawen?
Me:*without thinking* Habis belajar,terus kawen! Hikk. =)
Him: Janji?
Me: Iyerr,start la kumpul duit.
Him: Ok!

2 years gone by.Proses pengajian hampir ke garisan penamat.

HimMa habes blaja bulan 9 taun depan kan.Ayah ma balik bulan 12,kite kawen k.
Me: Errm.Tunggu ma dapat kerja baru kawen boleh?
*dalam kepala pikir nak ada kereta + rumah + stable job*
Him:Dulu kata boleh terus kawen lepas habes blaja.Hmmm!
Me:*full of guilt*

How should i put words into right phrases.
Yes,looking at all my close friends getting engage and soon to be a wife is really a great n awesome feeling. I share n feel those happy moments. I would really love to feel them too. However,before all these takes place,i WANT to have my own stable life.

Not saying that he cant afford to take good care of me,tapi apa guna aku belajar macam orang gila*just metaphoring* but i can't get to have my own work. I want a job. I want to be able to have my own monthly salary. I dont wanna be too dependent on him.

I want to have my own house went im officially a wife. Not to be arrogant or selfish that i dont wanna stay with my in-law's. But,i too wanna have my privacy. I'm sure those who are reading would understand what im trying to say. Pergerakan,perlakuan n percakapan adalah terbatas if i was to stay with them. Yes,now i dont mind having my weekend with them but that is it.

A car. Arghh! Another asset that someone really needs nowadays. Students life sekarang pun,kadang2 terasa jugak nak mintak kereta sebijik from my parents. Tapi apakan daya. Not that they can't afford to get me 1,but it wouldn't be fair if they got me 1 but my other brother's dont get any. Students life pun dah rasa mcm ni,what else when i get out into reality world. Cant rely on public transportation nowadays. Not all palces can be reached with LRT could they.

Another dream i have been having.
Dah jadi wife,someday ill sure to be a mother. Cewaaah! Ok,ni part berangan je. Ill b a working mother. Not forever,but at least till my kids gets into school. The day 'they' start schooling,i will immediately resign. Will pay my full attention on them. So to prepare me with these situation,i must start working as soon as a i graduate.I need to save.Saving for the future.Amacam?Gila tak berangan aku. Hehh!

p/s : Semester coming to an end. 1 short semester + 1 long semester n im done.

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runnitaf said...

Yes, I truly understand you sis. Who doesn't wanna get married? It's like every normal girl's dream. To be called a wife, mother and so on..
Tapi these days, it's not that easy. Cakap nak kahwin mmg best and senang nak sebut. Sbb best. HEHE. But the reality is, the word "kahwin" is something even BIGGER! O_O

Tp betul la, dah penat2 parents hantar g belajar..surely they want us to have a proper job and have a proper life. :) Kita sbgai perempuan pun nak jugak ada duit sendiri, kereta, rumah..takkan nak bergantung kat suami je kan. huhu~

I'm sure he'll understand..maybe dia takut kehilangan akak kot..;)

Praying the best for both of u!

k.sara said...

Exactly! Heheh. They say,kita perempuan selalu pikir the long term future. Yang lelaki plak selalu pikir yg short term future.

We need to prepare ourselves for the future.Ni dah bukan mcm zaman dulu2,nak hape semua mintak kat suami. Mau tetiba suami taknak bagi what we ask for,nahh mengidam tak sudah..heee..

Tak sabarnye nak habes belajar. =)


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