Back to reality

Ouhhh, 3 weeks of fantasy dreamland. Finally, today has to wake up and stand back on my 2 feet.

Result exam from previous semester sudah diterima,boleh lahh nak dibanggakan. Harus & lebih afdal jika WAJIB dikatakan, i have to put extra little more effort to carry my CGPA... Uniten terchinta added the points i got from my previous course making it a bit "cacat" to digest.


Takpe lah. Tak dapat tinggi pun xpe, as long as i did my super best. For once having certain people proud of me for my achievement does feel great. Oh,yes. It sure does.

Hari ni,Monday, just had to got to Wisma for timetable printing & a class at 5pm. Since result was ok,i thought of adding more subject for this sem. Tapi harapan tinggal harapan. The subject i wish to take clashes with my present timetable. So, tak boleh lahh nak add. *Sadiss* Kene amik subject tersebut dengan budak junior lah jawab nye.

Class QNTB was nothing much. 5 student jer yang present including me. It was raining. So student pun suka lah amik alasan tu untuk tarik slimut instead of coming to class. Assignment pun dah dapat. Not just that. Tarikh 1st quiz, midterm and 2nd quiz pun lecturer dah booking. Gilass excitedd.

Just done packing. Its cold now. Musim sejuk di Muadzam. Nak mandi pun pikir 10kali. Nak rest lah for the day. In process to complete my puasa qada' along with puasa enam. Insya'Allah to start my puasa 'nazar' by next month. Yeayy.


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runnitaf said...

Kak Sara! huhu..dah habis dah cuti dia..hihi..welcome back into campus life. Huh, cuti best kan? hahaha..

*baru dapat on9 cuz b4 dis wifi kat campus tak sihat..hahaaha

all the best in your studies!

k.sara said...

ahaha...welcome back to school..=.=' ctui best sebab dapat merasa orea cheese cake & red velvet yg super awesome tu..ehehe... WiFi rosak,pengomen tegar akk pun tak dpt mnjlnkn tanggjwb dgn sempurna yer...ahahhaa...

same to u...

runnitaf said...

hohoho..pengomen tegar ek? ^_^ hihi..suke baca citer akak..ikhlas dr hati..hehe..lgpun i need to get to noe u better..hehe..

hehe..u're welcome..klu kak sara tak request red velvet tu, mgkn fatin tak buat, thanks to akak jugak! hehehe..

btw, dgr cite dpt results gempak! ^_^ alhamdulillah..

k.sara said...

tegar lahh jugakk..almost 3/4 post ader cmnnt fatin..heeee...
terbayang2 jer red velvet tuuu...*bg hint mntk post ke cni..>.<*

ahahaa..xder gmpak mner pun..biase2 jerr..huhuuh...


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