Dusting dust

Hachuumm !!!

Oh well,its been SOME time since i last update. Klu umah terbiar,dah sempat dah segala binatang merayap merangkak buat sarang. Buruk perangai. Sila jangan contohi.

Many things to write,but i shall hold them till im back on track. right now,im in the session of "membesarkan" my buttocks & laze around filling my tummy. Ignoring all the lemak tepu for now. It Raya babehhh, how can i resist open house & yummy food. So me huhhh.

Updating something is better than nothing right. *ayat pemalas,sila abaikan*


p/s : macam-macam nak. but important matters should be prioritize.  

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