Sem break almost over

Howdiee peepss.

Oh, Im sorry for not updating. Been lazying around doing nothing, so dont really have any idea to write. Last 2 post was during my finals. It was OKAY lahh,not so bad I say.

It's been 3 weeks now. Im on sem break. Urghhh, Sem break pun tak macam sem break. Bosan jer duduk rumah. And paling teruk is i have to deal with Love Sick. Eyhh,mengade plak budak ni kan u might think.

Aper aku kesah right! Aku love sick pun ngan laki aku,bukan laki kau. Hahhh! Maaf,terlbey emo plak.

Owhh,almost forgot. 2 weeks earlier was Raya Celebration for the Muslims. It was rather medium fun than super fun i'll say. Nak bwat mcm mner,i DONT have many cousins within my age. Paling tak pun 19 & 17 years old. Tu pun I'll get to meet them a while cos they have to leave for the other side of the family after visiting the grave.

Sedeyh kann. Nak bwat macam mner, Mak/ Bapak aku kawen awal. *sarcastic* So, all i have is little cousin yang umo btwn 1 year old - 12 years old. What m i suppose to do with dem. And have i ever mentioned. Im the eldest granddaughter  both my parents side. BUT one & only gurl for my mum's side wherelse there's only 2 other female cousin(17 & 5 years old). Boring takk.


Okay,cukup sudah for Raya.

Sem break is almost over *counting fingers*.
3days to be exact. Yippii. Orang laen menangis nak balik MSC tercinta,tapi aku lahh manusia paling HAPPY nak balik sane. Kalau mintak cuti sem kat hutan damai tu pun aku sanggup. Pelik? Tak perlu.

Ader mungkin kate, 'Elehhh,dier suke balik sbb ader Cik Abg dier! HAHAH..i'l laugh my ASS of if u dare say that to my face. Wanna know why?

Here's why :

I have been living in MSC for 3 years now. I only knew my Cik Abg for 11months,so how is that possible Cik Abg is my main reason for me to loving the PEACEFUL jungle. Explain to me. Anyone? Main reason for me to love MSC is because its PEACEFUL. Itu jer alasan yang boleh aku bagi. *Fullstop*

Before nak bukak sem,mstilah result exam last semester dah kluar. I'm happy to say that, I got wat i worked for. I know i can do much better,but ALHAMDULILLAH for know. I prayed to GOD to open my heart,semoga dipermudahkan segala process menghafal through out and HE sure did a good job.

Apart of ways to repay HIS great work,I promised myself to undergo 'puasa nazar' if ever i obtain the result i have always dreamt. True enough. Im here to fullfill my promise.

Been studying for the past 5 sem,i wonder what rubbish have i been doing to get my previous result. Rase macam bodoh jer. Having the result i just got, It shows that I could have succeed if I were to put as much effort as i did in my 'comeback' sem. Past is past. 'comeback ' sem is the only way for me to prove that I CAN do better than before.It sure does feel good to make my parents proud after so many havoc I created.

Cik Abg is down in KL for a few days. Sementara ada masa ni,saki - baki cuti, Im gonna use dem to spend time with him. I maybe ANAK KL tapi jln KL pun fail okay. I still have to depend on signboards to get around places I seldom go. *pathetic*

I have many more to write,but still have to hold a little more longer. Maaf entry bosan ni takde gambar,camera not available at the moment. Besides, Im in the writting with jet speed,xder masa nak click search bagai to browse for cartun/ selingan after paragraph. Takowt ilham lari kate. HAHAH..

Klahh,sambung later okay. Its 5am & im still awake. Dah macam burung hantu dah ni. Cik Abg tau I'm not asleep, pekak tlinga kene bebel nnti. >.<

p/s : Wanna be a teenager? Do better,cos I am a teenager & I know how to think like a Chicky mischievous rat.

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